Hey kids,

So apparently it's summer and the usual suspects are restless, because the volume and intensity of the personal attacks is once again on the rise. Some of it is just sh|t-talking between friends. Some of it is crossover crap coming out of boredom or personality friction or whatever. I actually don't care what the reasons are, but it's going to stop now.

Anyone making any sort of personal attack of any kind -- including general flame-bait posts in the "Hey USERNAME" vein, as well as offensive images and videos -- will be subject to a timeout per the overlords' approval. I'm taking a special personal interest in this, because I believe personal attacks are the single worst thing for an online community.

I will not be taking the time to learn who is and is not trash-talking their friends. I will not help you resolve old differences. I don't care who started what. I don't care who is friends with whom. The activities of a half-dozen posters in here are making it hard for the several hundred other users to derive much benefit from the forum.