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    X-Post from GPS Forum: Any experience with Garmin Dakota 10 vert accuracy

    I have the opportunity to get a Garmin Dakota 10 through Airline miles for free. I currently use a Garmin 705....I've liked it and it's served me well, however as I get more into multi-day rides, I need a unit which takes normal batteries so I can swap the dead ones out....hence my interest in the Dakota.

    As you all know, the 705 has a barometric altimeter and the Dakota 10 does not.....unfortunately, the Dakota 20 is not offered through my airline miles...otherwise, it would be an easy decision.

    My question: What is your experience with the accuracy delta between barometric altimeter GPS units and non-barometric altimeter units (ie, only GPS used to compute elevation)? Bonus points go to anyone who has direct experience with the Dakota 10 vs another Garmin with a barometric altimeter.

    I already understand that vertical accuracy of a GPS without barometric can be in the woods of +-20-25m...but am looking for real-world perspectives here. The Dakota user manual is no help here since they lump the 10 and 20 together, and only quote 3m vertical accuracy...which must be based off of the 20 in ideal circumstances.

    I'm not looking to map here....but am a bit of a geo nerd and don't want to take a significant step back from what I already have with the 705. My only other option is to keep the 705 and get a few of those rechargable USB thingys.....

    Thanks for reading my long winded query....

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    Can not speak for a 705, but i can tell you my accuracy on an Edge 305 gets blown to hell riding below the canyons on days where we have Santa Ana wind conditions. The changes in wind velocity and pressure jack my elevation ascended readings up off the charts.

    The Edge 205 does not have altimeter reading either from barometric pressure readings. One look at rides logged on Geoladders that were originally logged on an Edge 205, the lesser model, should be an indication of the accuracy to expect on the model you are receiving for free air miles.

    Basically, it sounds like someone is trying to blow out a bunch of poor selling Garmins in their lineups with giveaways for frequent flyer mileage.

    Down to 3 meter accuracy is when the unit is in WAAS enabled mode, which sucks the battery down fast, and it is possible the Govt can turn that ability off at any time with scrambling or differentiation error of the satellite readings.
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