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    Who's riding tomorrow 7-19?

    I was getting ready to head out when I saw that beautiful brown cloud approaching and said, "F that." But, given the rain that's coming down tomorrow should be some sweet riding conditions.

    Who's riding? SoMo? PMP? I got a little teaser this weekend in Denver and feel I should hit something...

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    I plan to be at the 40th St lot for a 5:30-5:40p launch.

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    I should've specified early morning...

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    no rain here, just a bunch of dust which means the air will be crap in the morning as well....

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    I am down for PMP as early as anyone wants. Usually start at tatum but 40th is ok also

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    If all goes well. PMP around 6:00pm.
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    Riding SoMo at 6:00 tommorow with the old slow and inexperienced! (myself included)
    Yes, I'm the crazy christmas guy!

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