Okay I am planning on coming out to flagstaff-sedona area, I am looking for some info on the area. I am just getting back on the bike after 4 months off the bike after a bad accident that paralyzed me for a short time but as a whole most things are better. I am driving in from the Dallas ( no i am not a texan i am a transplant) area and will be stopping in NM albuq to ride again as i did last year. I am not looking for anything technical just to get out a ride and see the area more cross country type riding.

Ideas needed on places to ride there and along the way.
Bike to bring fs 26 or ss29er 34-18 right now
places to stay may need to accept dogs as mine might be along to the ride
place to eat and take in some beverages

Lastly anyone want to meet up and show a middle age former cripple some of the local trails since i got yelled at from my accident about riding alone since i had to just laid in the trail and yell for help until someone found me. I can laugh about it now at the moment it was surely a bit panic sounding..

I just miss the dirt and the beverages afterwards....