Hi all,

I'm heading down to Tuscon from Phoenix later next week and will have all day Friday (6/14) to ride. I've never hit the trails in that neck of the woods before and am really looking forward to it. I wanted to see if anyone had riding plans. If so, I was hoping I could tag along.

Ditching the heat is a must, so I assume that means Lemmon? Trails in the intermediate+ range are preferable, and I'm looking for 15-20 miles. I'm comfortable on the majority of stuff like National (Phx), Hogs (Sedona), and Sunset (Flag) and don't mind climbing if it pays off. More importantly, I've got no shame in hopping off and hoofing when I'm outgunned going up or down. Really, anything that's relatively cool and not a total huck fest will have me smiling.

If you can't make it out but have trail/link-up suggestions they would be greatly appreciated (no shuttles please- only 1 car, but I don't mind riding back up the road a bit). If you'll already be out Friday I'd love to follow your wheel. Just let me know and I can meet wherever.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you soon!