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    That is horrible. What the hell is wrong with people?

    We've been at the receiving end of a road rager, the guy proceeded to try to beat the bejeesus out of my husband. Unfortunately for the him the hubby has a strong martial arts background and got the upper hand. He took off before the police got there and was never caught. If he had a gun we'd both be statistics right now.

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    Nah, frying for him is too quick. Make him do my job for a month...he'll be begging for castration just to get outta here.

    Seriously though, I've always subscribed to the 'what you did get's done to you' method. So let someone stomp on his head a few times.
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    Thats a gawd damned shame.

    Im with cato, WTF is wrong with people.
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    What a shame....

    Road Rage, DUIs, cell phones & Text msging: Great reasons to be a mtn biker - and not a roadie!
    "Nobody ever told me not to try" - Curious George Soundtrack by Jack Johnson

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    I don't get it. I'm not sure my brain is capable of wrapping itself around such a concept ... There are such people?

    A person of obvious quality, like Mr Staats, killed by a lowlife mother****er like Andrew Paul Robins! The world is insane.

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    Love AZ

    This is why I love living in AZ (instead of California where I moved from 7 years ago). In that state, they would start making excuses for why this kid killed Roger Staats. You'd hear things like "he was abused as a child" or "he came from a poor family" etc. At least in this state, people understand the concept of "crime and punishment".

    God I love it here. Besides, I get to ride my mountain bike 365 days of the year !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noelg
    Road Rage, DUIs, cell phones & Text msging: Great reasons to be a mtn biker - and not a roadie!

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