Well my friend Luca came in last night from up state New York to get some Sedona riding in the last time he was here he got his adrenaline boost on Tomahawk and Hangover. Unfortunately there was no way we were going to do a re-run of that ride so we had to settle for second best and ride Highline. There was still some snow on the north face of the Highline rock formation, so we weren't sure exactly what the conditions would be like.

I figured they would be good, but instead they were EXCELLENT! Everything was super tacky and the backside was in the best shape I have seen. The initial rollin was totally rollable with your eyes closed and the notch was super tacky due to the recent moisture. The upper switchbacks road nicely and the off camber section after those swithbacks was nice and clean due to the recent rain. My 60 year old wife rode those sections like a pro with no dabs.

After those sections you come to the steep 90 degree right turn that does most people in and that was also much cleaner than the last time I rode it and was a piece of cake.

After that the off camber rock rolled nicely as long as you didn't use much front brake.

After that point you go through a number of nice turn sections that were in the best shape I have ever seen them. It seems like the water going down those turns is running of the edges nicely and I really can't detect any real significant erosion taking place that would require a significant re-route (but what do I know).

The wash was a little torn up from the significant rain but whoever is adopting that trail could probably make it the same character it was last week in about 30 minutes of moving rock that are reducing the rider flow.

As always the Baldwin DH was a blast.