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    SS for a brand new rider?

    I've got a couple buddies who are looking to start riding. Would a single speed be good for them as a first mountain bike? I started a little over a year ago on a geared, full suspension. Then couple weeks ago I bought a nice used monocog with front shocks and love it way more, but I'm in way better shape now. If it was geared pretty easy, I don't think it would be any worse...just wondering if I'm missing anything.

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    In my opinion, SS would be a rough way to get into the sport. If your buddies had gears they would be more likely to be able to clean hills and be pumped about starting to ride.. From my personal experience it took some time to get used to the SS thing and I wasn't new to biking. You can always convert a geared hardtail with a $25 kit from gusset which works great..
    I too went from 26 full suspension, to 26 SS with suspension fork, and then to fully rigid 29....

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    Personally, I'd start out 'em out on a geared version but that's just me. That way if they really start to dig it and want to tackle more stuff, they have a bike that's more capable. For instance, if they find they like to climb, the geared back will be better suited for it since they're newbies.

    SSing is fun but I would never be w/o a geared bike. They're just so versatile. Short or long rides can be done on them. Try a 3 hour ride on a SS and it could kill ya! hehe
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    I'm going to disagree. Shifting can be difficult for all of us, especially a new rider. And then when you factor in a bike that isn't tuned properly, the shifting can be a real bummer. I ride SS now but I love geared bikes and will own one again, so I'm not just dogging geared bikes. But now, owning a SS, I have a different perspective and even I love the fact that I don't have to think about what gear to be in anymore, and I've been riding for 15 years. I just a SS removes one variable that can be frustrating to a new rider. My two.

    But either way you go, they're going to have a blast. Let us know how it goes.

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    Geared may be an easier way to be introduced to the sport if they have no "base" or not alot of saddle time.
    If they are fit and have "legs" maybe a ss would be better due to the lack of having to worry about shifting...just stand up and put the power down...

    When my freinds come into town I usually get them a loaner ss to use, they are usually apprehensive at first but shortly after really enjoy themselves...
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    I say geared, and FS if they can afford it. It wouldn't make any sense to send a total newb out with a rigid bike, so I don't think I would throw them into the SS waters either. For comfort and fun, gears and FS builds lots of confidence and will make them have more fun for a beginner.

    Oh and I wouldn't take a beginner who your trying to get into the sport on a climbing fest either.

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    I completely over-estimated how difficult pedaling a SS would be prior to owning mine. I was dreading it actually, being a 195 lb guy who regularly has his arse handed to him by little mountain goat dudes. But on a ride, I'd say 5% of the time I'm fighting the bigger gear. The rest of the time, it's just fine. It's not as bad is it sounds, not nearly.

    But geared bikes will be great for your friends, too. Either way, can't lose if you're on two wheels enjoying the outdoors.

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