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    SPF 100+ Sunscreen... O RLY?

    So it turns out those super-high SPF sunscreen products that have been coming out this summer are just a marketing gimmick. SPF is a measure of time it would take you to burn without sunscreen, not how much protection it provides.

    The doctor in this article recommends SPF 30.

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    ya, i've been told by a friend that is a dermatologist that anything over 30 is a waist.

    apply early and reapply often.

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    This is true. I have a boat and the whitest of people don't get burnt if they follow my guidelines. I buy the cheap junk from the dollar store in bulk and throw it all in the boat. The issue is the lip protection, I don't like to share chapstick so I recommend people bring their own or use a finger and get enough on one swipe.

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