Hey folks just wanted to let everyone know that if they haven't gotten their pinal fix time is running short and sixshooter is ripping as good as ever. Still 2-4 trees to climb over depending if you start from the peak or ferndel lot. Check dam is still a ripping hoot. This past weekend 3 of us gave it all we had on our final run of the day trying to squeeze as much as we could out of the remaining light . Our last run was from the peak to the ranger station for 11.5 miles and 4777 of elevation loss. I will be working on the video but may take longer than this weekend to get done as my spare time is short .

So if you haven't I highly recommend it as this seems to be one of the better years. Lines are burned in good and not covered with pine needles and cones like early season .

Oh btw we found your blown tube in the middle of the trail 3/4 down and disposed of it properly . Pack it in pack it out!