To all who shred the red rocks the forecast for the week and following weekend is nothing but sunny 70's!!! With the recent snow/rain just about dry in all but shaded north facing slopes the trail treads should be absolutely sick with stick!!! If this is your spring break week then it would be your loss to miss Sedona in perfect conditions with all trails open to MTB!!!!!!

Come one and come all and show your support of the sport in a place everyone can appreciate!!! Before you head up don't forget to sign the USFS petition on this forum, we need to keep ALL public areas open to MTB use!!! While your here stop by Fat Tire Bikes in uptown Sedona, Bike & Bean and Absolute Bikes in the VOC, or OTE in West Sedona to check out maps and wares for the trails!!! On your way home if not too late you can head out through Cottonwood and visit Zoomers Bike Shop as well!!

If we don't use it we will lose it, when you plan your MTB vacation time please consider Sedona as your destination, there is no better condition, time or place!!!! So take a moment to yourself and enjoy MTB in Sedona, you are going to ride any way why not help make a statement and enjoy some epic trails and views!!!!

Be safe and ride hard!!