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Thread: Ouch!

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    First time I've caught one of these...

    It was in there good but it all came out clean.

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    Damn that's a nice trail ring you've got there.... How long did it take to pull all of them out? Glad that's the only one you picked up.

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    I was VERY lucky. I pulled out my comb I carry (but had never used before) just for this situation. I required some tugging but all but one spine came out of the skin at once. Once the skin let go it took another good tug to get them off the glove. Got the remaining spine off and checked my fingers (middle, ring, pinkie) and nothing was left in there. Got lucky...

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    At least it wasn't teddy-bear cholla.

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    You missed the one on your chin...
    "The secret of joy is the mastery of pain." (Anaïs Nin)

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    Love the hitchhiker! Cactus need friends too.

    Anybody up for making this a "joys of AZ riding thread?

    A buddy of mine and I rode Sonoran Preserve last weekend and he ended up with leg cholla and I ended up with a 6 inch boulder bruise.

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    First time?? You gotta punch those corners more
    Desert Sunset Calls/Upward, Pain, Perseverance/Welcome Solitude

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    You think you have them all but then you roll over while sleeping tonight and ouch, realize there is still a bit in there. Happens every time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by big0mike View Post
    I pulled out my comb.
    hey, that's smart! gonna pack a little comb and remember that trick.
    "May your trails be winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view." - Ed Abbey

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