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    OT: Anybody in Flagstaff use Sprint?

    So, NAU saw fit to allow me into their institution, so I'll be moving to Flag this Aug. Right now, I'm on Verizon, which, of course, works great everywhere, but it costs $85 a month, with a 20% discount from a previous employer. I use less than 35% of my data, and usually under 20% of my minutes, with not much texting. Light user by any definition.

    Anyway, I've been looking at Republic Wireless for a swap. It's $20 a month, and it normally does everything over WiFi, but swaps over to Sprint if you're not in a WiFi zone.

    So, does Sprint work well up north, or should I just suck it up and keep paying Verizon? I could be looking at saving $700 over the year, which is looking like it's soon to be serious cash. Dat poverty time....

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    I was just up there today and while riding half way up Schultz (1/2 way to gate-Sunset split) got a call from my wife on sprint. I usually ignore the calls on the bike but my sister was having a baby today so....

    Sprint is pretty good on BCT too. I also have Verizon on my work stuff, and in Flag proper (at the hospital) they both got the same coverage roughly.
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    We live in the Verde Valley and travel to Flag quite a bit. We had Sprint when we moved out here from Ca, but soon switched to Verizon for better coverage.

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