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    My first "Bachelor Party" Ride

    I had the pleasure of riding with Mike yesterday and let me tell you it was a blast . We went up Scenic Trail, Granite Bluff, and down Tonto Tank. It was my first long ride, about 15 miles and I already want to go again! Thanks again Mike for showing me the trails out at McDowell Mtn.

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    I'm sure Mike will let you know. But he and I are kicking around a Hawes ride Saturday. Even though the business convention was a plus and I made some great contacts. I would have rather been riding with you all last weekend!
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    So, who exactly is this Mike guy that is supposed to be so fun and entertaining? Only Mikes I know is the bad-ass Saint, hooligan extraordanaire, AZ Mikey, all-round expert rider, then this bald-headed goofball named Mike.

    Anyway, had fun both Sat and Sunday! You were both fun to roll with, and more than happy to anytime! Glad you liked the trails.
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