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    My Cardio is Really Good

    Yesterday I was called by a women from Alberta Canada called MJ. MJ said she went into a bike shop in Canmore, Alberta and told the shop employee she was going to Sedona for a week of mountain biking. The employee told MJ to give the TD a call when she got to Sedona and ask him if he would be able to give her a tour of Sedona.

    Interestingly enough Western Spirits is also in Sedona doing a mountain bike tour this week. So MJ's timing was perfect since Western Spirits also thought this week would be a good time for their famous tour company to do a tour here.

    When MJ called me last night I was halfway through watching The Girl Who Played With Fire. She told me she got my name through the employee in Canmore who had previously ridden with me and cakewalk the last couple years. When I asked MJ what kind of a rider she was she said "her cardio was really good". That was an interesting statement since my cardio is really bad.

    I had to make a snap decision on whether one I was going to ride today and two if I wanted to ride with someone who might kick my butt. Since she said she had got my name from my friend in Canada I felt obligated to show MJ a fun ride, so I told her to meet at my house today at 10:30 AM.

    So at 10:14 AM MJ showed up to my house. My buddy Cakewalk was also going to ride with us but he didn't show up until 11:00 AM. MJ had rented a Santa Cruz bike from Bike & Bean and she looked really fit and ready to ride.

    So when Cakewalk arrived we headed up to Special Ed to head over to Highline. Before we left I checked to see how many cfs Oak Creek was flowing, and from what I could tell it was crossable by determined individuals like Catwalk and me, the jury was out on whether MJ fell into the determined category, but at least if she fell into the creek she had good cardio to be able to swim to the other side.

    As it turned out we all had a blast riding down Special Ed, Pyramid and Witch Doctor to get to Red Rock Crossing and the Oak Creek Crossing. When we got to the crossing there were some other old fogies standing around disappointed the creek was TOO HIGH to cross. When I told them the US was built on determined individuals who were willing to take huge risks to succeed in what ever they wanted to do in life, they looked at me like who is this fool?

    When I took off my shoes and put them in my pack they thought who is this nutcase? Cakewalk and MJ also looked skeptical. Well as luck turned out I crossed the creek with no problem. When I crossed back over I took MJ's bike over for her, then I went back and got my bike. Cakewalk brought his bike over by himself.

    After crossing the creek another large group of about eight riders showed up. They rode past our crossing point and headed up creek for a different crossing point. After a bit three of the eight riders came back to our starting point while the other five started to cross the creek in a pretty deep spot. The other three took their shoes off and struggled to get across where we previously crossed.

    When they got to our side I said to the guy in the lead you look like you are a Flagster. He said how did I know that, I said all Flag riders have a very fit look about them. When I asked if he knew rockman he said sure he and rock use to run the Colorado together many years ago.

    When I asked where the group was going he said Baldwin. Since they were all very fit riders I said why wouldn't they be going to Highline like we were? They said they were on a Western Spirit tour and the FS didn't allow them to ride on Templeton and they were not allowed to ride on ANY user built trails.

    I looked at MJ and thought this is your lucky day. Not only was she getting to ride with two old fools like me and Cakewalk, but she was getting to ride the BEST ride in Sedona because I am not limited by any FS regulation since my tours are very special and provide a superior user experience for riders who have good cardio.

    Anyway the rest of the ride went very well and from the pictures you might think MJ had one of the best rides of her riding career.
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    Great story! I'm a believer in the "User Built" trail system in Sedona and you as a guide. I'd be pissed if I had signed up with Western Spirit Tours and not gotten to experience the best trails that Sedona has to offer.

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    Wow im so jealous, that place looks so beautiful to ride thru. One day...One day! Great story and pics.

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    She's from Canada eh? Looks like a fun ride eh

    BTW, totally dig the BMX helmet you (or Cakewalk) are rockin

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    I'd be willing to pay for guidance in beer....

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    My Bike Never Breaks Down

    Quote Originally Posted by Hairylegzz View Post
    I'd be willing to pay for guidance in beer....

    Your wish is my command. On today's ride poor MJ suffered several different mechanical issues that she claims NEVER HAPPEN to her in Alberta. The first issue was the loss of her rear brake. We were in the initial phases of of a BIG little FRIGGIN LOOP which started on Lizardhead. After about 15 minutes into the ride MJ's rear brake completely lost its braking power. To help her out Cakewalk back tracked the ride to his house and loaned MJ a replacement bike.

    The rest of the group continued on the ride while MJ and Cakewalk intersected our ride on the Mescal trail. While heading up Aerie MJ's replacement bike had a front tire going soft. She had no bike pump so I pumped up her tire to about 45lbs. to hopefully plug the slow leak that had made the tire soft.

    MJ was totally concerned the stars weren't aligned properly for her and she didn't want to rip the trail with the freshly inflated tire. I told her to not worry about the tire and she reluctantly increased her speed. Upon reaching Western Civ at the Cockscomb intersection the group decided to blast down to the West Civ/Last Frontier intersection.

    Fortunately MJ didn't have anymore bike issues so at the end of the ride we celebrated another great day of Sedona Mountain Biking.

    So far this tour de Sedona is costing MJ some big bucks with all the additional repairs and help we have had to give her.


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