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    Miles for 2012 and other biking accomplishments?

    This was a great year for me on the bike, as I rode more miles this year than I have in the other 43 years I have been on this planet. I also started to ride a singlespeed 29er and a road bike, in addition to a FS 29er. Cycling became more than just working out, but also feeding the soul (and draining the wallet!).

    All in all, I should hit 3400 miles for 2012. As a result, I am now over 50lbs lighter and feel better than I have in years!

    I entered my first race, the CCBF, back in November and actually finished!

    I have been inspired by guys on this forum, like Ray, Randy, John, Terry, Mike and many others. Great group of members here!

    What are your miles and accomplishments on the bike for 2012? How about 2013?

    Cheers guys/gals! All the best in 2013!
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    Ahhh the pain....
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    Nice numbers Rich!
    My 2012 stacked up like this (so far)...
    5685 miles (mostly MTB)
    510 hours
    560kft of climb
    highlights were: 1) AZT300 DNF due to bike getting run over 2) Redemption at the Coco250 stage race

    2011 for reference
    4944 miles
    497 hours
    447 kft of climb

    Goals for 2013 1) AZT300 2) CTR(?) 3) Coco250 ITT
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    Amazing numbers. It inspires me to get out and ride more. I'm even thinking of starting to commute to work next year.

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    Great job BV, it's a great feeling isn't it? I'll check back on Dec. 31st, still have a couple of goals I'm shooting for before 2012 is over.
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    I don't track my miles, so no idea.

    However, this year was my biggest day on the bike yet at the AES APC race (1 Antelope Peak Challenge | Arizona Endurance Series). 115 miles in 15.5 hours.

    The McDowell race this past weekend didn't really have the stats, but given the conditions, it was a pretty huge personal accomplishment.

    I'll be 50 some time next year, but I'm still planning on doing the biggest one day ride of my life (the Gila 100) as well as the AZT 300 and maybe even Coco in the fall. That's the plan anyhow.

    Oh, and that is all on SS - of course.

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    My dog ate my GPS so no clue, but definitely a lot LESS than last year. I rode my bike, though. And my dog always finds his way back. So it's all good.

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    1800 true mtb miles + some 3000 or so miles from home on the hardtail goofer bike, mostly street, paths, and light dirt trails.

    This is my best biking year ever even though the endurance rides I was looking forward to didn't happen.

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    WOW... Numbers like 209,000 and 560,000 ft of climbing sound so unreal... but I guess the hills do add up.

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    you are mad man boom....good stuff,

    did ever loose rides on strava? yeah f - it it's free

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    This was my first full calendar year riding a mountain bike regularly. I would say I am now completely addicted. This was my biggest year, unless you count the BMX days when I was around 13.

    I just started tracking mileage a couple months ago. I rode at least twice a week and as much as 5. I estimate I did 1,000 to 1,500 miles and climbed about 100K to 150K feet. I also ran about once a week for the last 6 months for 3 miles.
    Started working with a heart rate monitor and Strava.
    Raced 4 MBAA Races in Cat3 30 and did the Red Rock Urban Dirt Print Tri.
    My riding group has expanded to quicker riders, but I still ride with my buddies that got me into the sport.
    Cracked a frame and bought a full suspension bike.
    Starting to spend more time on this site.

    It was a pretty darn good year.

    In 2013 I want to do some longer races, a team race, get my daughters riding more single track, ride more places, and maybe do an over night bike pack. Oh yeah, ride safe to avoid injuries too.
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    For me 2012 was a big year. Probably the most miles in one year ever. I started biking in 1998, but mostly rode few times a month here and there. In 2004 I got married and did not have the time to bike. In late 2011 I started back up again a little here and there. However by May of this year I started riding alot. At least once a week and more than I ever have before. I also rode a lot of new trails and met some nice people. Then in September I added a road bike and have been out even more.

    So a big year for me.
    Total: 953.9 mi / 62,607 ft - 53 rides
    MTB: 594.4 mi / 48k ft - 35 rides
    Road: 359.66 mi / 14.4k ft - 18 rides

    Mtb Ride Locations
    9 - Black Canyon Trail – 8 from Emery Henderson, 1 from Rock Springs
    8 – Maricopa Trail to Cave Creek park – (4 included Overton& Go-John Climb)
    3 – Sonoran Park
    2 – Spur Cross/ Maricopa/Cave Creek part
    2- McDowells – Windgate/Bell Pass, Taliesen/Lost Dog/Quartz
    2- Rocky Ridge/Sunset/ Schultz
    2 – Fort Valley, Rocky Moto
    2 – Dreamy Draw - Trail 100 proper , Loops East of 51 Frwy

    Longest Ride Mtb ride - 23.9Miles/2154 ft elevation gain – Sonoran Park
    Most Climbing - 20.1 Miles/2401 Ft – Maricopa & Go John Loop
    Longest Road ride – 31.9 Miles / 1518 ft – Anthem Loops

    Just shy of 1000 miles. Not sure I will get there this year due the holidays, but if I don't no big deal as there is next year. Considering my riding started about May 1 this is a solid bit of riding.

    I entered my first Mtn bike race - (Cave Creek Bike Fest) and was quite happy with my performance. I also did my first Triathlon and held my own as well.

    Goals for 2013? Not really sure if I have any. I would like to say I will ride more, but life demands can change things. I just really hope to keep having fun on out the bikes. If I have fun the miles will pile up just fine.
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    VERY nice numbers! I have a similar story to those on here... I got back into the sport after being away since my teenage years. Started back up riding in the summer of 2011. Did 162 miles in 2011, and 444 so far this year. I have the rest of the year off after Thursday and plan on tacking on close to another 100 before the year is over. It is hard to fit in as many rides as you are doing with 3 kids at home (two year old twins and a 7yr old), and working two jobs. Plus I like to get in at least one gym day as well.

    This year my average ride has gone from around 2-3 miles to around 6 miles. My longest ride went from 7-8 miles to 18 miles (and I still had plenty left in the tank). My handling skills majorly improved this year. Learned how to shift my weight and take corners much faster. Also, my climbing has VASTLY improved, I have learned that standing and pushing a harder gear and occasionally sitting and spinning granny for recovery, works MUCH better for me than spinning the granny gear most of the time. I now regularly clear the major climbs at my home trail (T-Bird) without stopping at all, and at the beginning of the year I took around 4-5 stops.

    Goals for next year are to double my longest ride from 18 up to about 40, and increase my average ride up to around 8, and clean up my diet a little more.

    Would like to get all of these rides done

    -- BCT EH to Black Canyon City and back to EH
    -- Sonoran Preserve - Connect up the S and N trails
    -- Connect up Sonoran Preserve / Deem / T-Bird
    -- Finally make it out to SOMO and White Tanks

    I am intrigued by the SS thing, but no where near ready, perhaps in 2014! Still riding (and upgrading) the 29er hardtail. It really has been a champ. I am considering picking up a FS bike but really want to see where the whole 650b thing goes, and really want to wait for the SRAM XX1 technology to trickle down to the lower (x7/x9) components. The 1x11 setup looks VERY good for me and my riding style as I am almost ALWAYS in my middle ring, using the granny only for recovery and the big ring on the 11 speed cassette would be fine for that. Also already replaced my big ring up front with a bash (T-Bird had already turned my big ring into a bash). So thinking my next rig will be a 650b FS bike with 1x11 setup (and as far as I know something like that in my price range ~3k does not exist YET).

    Thanks to everyone on this forum. I have met some really great people, and got some really good advice.

    Ride on!

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    While I don't have some of the numbers most of you guys have I accomplished 2 of my 2012 goals of 500 miles or more (610.7), entered my first race which was the Old Fashion MTB race in Flagstaff, finished last in my group but finished. 2013 goals are double the miles and enter another race.

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    Got back on the bike for the first time in months...

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    【ツ】 eDub 【ツ】

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    Let go of the numbers. It'll make for a sweeter ride.
    Get Outside!

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    Got back into MTB after 20+ years.
    Bought 1 new bike and upgraded to a better one 6 months later.
    Raced twice.
    Lost 40#
    Lost a lot of stress
    Bikepacked once
    Met a lot of great people
    Registered for the Sea Otter 2013
    All in all a great year.
    2013 will be much better with big goals.
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    SInce I started using Strava on July 2nd
    Distance 1,694.2mi
    Time 115hr 24m
    Elev Gain 44,731ft
    Rides 123

    824 of those miles of that was in July and August. I gotta get more pleasure rides than commutes.

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    2012 was meh. I'm not expecting much more for 2013.

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    1,522 total miles

    2.625.5 Roadbike
    527.0 Mtb

    3,152.5 total miles so far

    Did the 70 mile Tour De Scottsdale in 3:31 minutes.
    Rode my 1st Solo Century this year also.

    Gotta couple more rides before the end of the year..
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZG23 View Post
    2.625.5 Roadbike
    527.0 Mtb

    3,152.5 total miles so far

    Gotta couple more rides before the end of the year..
    Documented 1,522 between roadbike and mtb.. Not exact as I didnt get my road bike til May and didnt get a computer on the mtb til mid it may be a few more than that. Finally made it to my goal of 190 pounds too as of Dec 31st!! (From 265 lbs on Sept 2010) great year riding!
    Doubled from last year! Great job bro.. Too bad I cant catch or keep up with you anymore!

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    Per Strava:
    Distance 1,557.5mi
    Time 191hr 31m
    Elev Gain 146,017ft
    Rides 83

    I was shooting for 2k miles for the year, but I had some bike issues that held me up for a good 6 weeks in the middle of the year. But since I'm on vacation as of now through the new year, I'll shoot for 1700 miles for the year. I'll feel good about that. I'd like 100+ rides next year and 2500 miles. Bikepacking should help with that. I hope next year will be what I thought this year was gonna be.
    Today's the day I eat bikes.

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    Wow. I received a negative rep for this thread. I can't believe this subject would offend anybody.

    These posts have have been great! I have loved reading them. Keep them coming!

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    According to, here are my numbers for 2012.

    Rides: 94 Activities
    Distance: 2,715.54 mi
    Time: 215:54:10 h:m:s
    Elevation Gain: 82,079 ft
    Avg Speed: 12.6 mph
    Avg HR: 124 bpm
    Avg Bike Cadence: 74 rpm
    Calories: 89,639 C

    Would like to have done more, but I've finally figured out I'm pretty much a weekend warrior, averaging just under 2 rides per week. Can only seem to get to gym during week. My normal routine was interrupted this summer when I tweaked my knee in May (diagnosis: moderate to advanced osteoarthritis). To recover, I shifted my summer riding almost entirely to mountain bike and only EASY road miles. Result: I won my old fart age group at tour de scottsdale. So I guess I disproved all my old notions that you can't maximize fitness on a mountain bike. Go figure.

    By the way, for all you roadie training types, you can start at the Rio Verde trailhead in MMP and ride Verde/North/Chuparosa/Pemberton to Granite Tank. Yes, it's the ugly, boring part of MMP but it pretty much simulates 9-mile hill if you want some grind-it-out type of hill work.

    Anyway, any year I get my knees in the breeze is a good year!

    "Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." - Neil Kendall

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    Mountain- 753 miles, 62,978' of Elev., Average 10.4 mph
    Road- 2,342 miles,36,418' of Elev, Average 18.6 mph

    Next year I will have more mountain miles. I had three months of road only while selling my last MTB and building the new one.

    I got in a one Raybum BCT epic and Flight of the Pigs this year. I raced the MBAA series in SS open and had some good finishes. Never made the podium but was always close. I did the Tour of Scottsdale this year as my first road event. Pacing on the road is way different the. MTB racing. I need to start a lot closer to the front next year.

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