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    LOST Garmin on UpperMoto in Flagstaff

    Hello Everyone,

    I had a great ride in Flagstaff today, but I lost my Garmin Edge 305.

    The Edge escaped my mount somewhere between the lower half of Upper Moto and the Upper half of Fort Valley Trail System.

    If anyone happens to claim my Edge I will reward.

    I will go on a recovery mission tomorrow though.

    Thank you!

    ~Matt Kipper

    best way to contact me is through email:
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    I was just going to post on here that you lost it Kipper. Hope you find it/get it back.

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    He was too busy day dreaming about his lady to notice it was gone!

    Hope you find it and we'll see you up there Friday
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    Bummer Matt hope someone finds it and returns it. You back in So-Cal this summer? Bummer you have to ride that route again tomorrow. Make sure you ride the Peaks Section of the Arizona Trail out of Aspen Corner....good stuff. No tech but Aspen, meadows and views.


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    Good luck on the search. I've spent many hours looking for lost Garmins on the trail. If you find it or buy another one check out my thread in the gps forum title Garmin Retention Sytem.

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    they should incorporate something similar to a plane's ELT (emergency locator transmitter), whereby you could type the serial number in on their website, and then pinpoint where your unit is emitting from. I know the batteries will only last half a day, but i would imagine that you'd bee looking for your unit within hours of losing it.

    the only drawback i suppose, is that you'd need a 2nd gps unit to find the coordinates of the first one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by longhairmike

    the only drawback i suppose, is that you'd need a 2nd gps unit to find the coordinates of the first one...

    not necessarily, you could type the coordinates into Google Earth and get a good view of it's location..

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    Does a Garmin GPS even function as a transponder, or is it just a receiver of GPS signals from satellites?

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    just a receiver.....good luck on the search to the OP

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