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    June 6th, Butterfly trail on Mt Lemmon


    We need all the help we can get! Please! Save a Butterfly that's stuck in a cacoon!

    Meeting at Le Buzz Caffee at 7:30 or the Butterfly Trail trail head (the one with actual parking,
    not the one by the towers on Bigelow) at 8:30

    There is some dead-fall, maybe 20 trunks total spread out along the loop, that need to
    be pushed off of the trail. The more people we have to push, the better chance we have of
    getting this cleared.

    There are extended sections of trail that are in great shape, so the intent is to ride these
    long stretches until we get to any dead-fall, regroup and start shoving. So, it will be a very
    interrupted ride.

    Butterfly is at elevation. It's a loop. Both trail heads at are at about 8000 feet. There are
    sections of the trail that are technically challenging and steep. So, bring the right bike.
    This is not a DH-friendly route. There would be far too much pushing of a DH bike.
    And you'd have to be super-strong to stay on board on an SS. Personally, I believe
    Butterfly is best on a geared bike that weighs in the low 30's at the most. YMMV.

    We're bringing some waiver forms to sign. It is my understanding that these actually provide
    insurance coverage while doing trail work. The forest service wants us to sign these.

    If you have any packable tools -- stuff that fits in your camelback, like folding saws, rope,
    wire saws, a comealong, whatever -- please bring it.

    This will be an adventure and will probably take 5 or 6 hours, so bring plenty of supplies;
    food, water, enthusiasm.

    Parts of this trail are still absolutely beautiful, parts are rather devestated from the fires, but
    in all, the trail is in very good shape, aside from the occasional dead-fall that we'll try to

    At 7:30, to try to carpool as much as possible, we'll be meeting at:

    Le Buzz Caffe

    9095 East Tanque Verde Road
    Tucson, AZ 85749
    (520) 749-3903

    Or, you can meet us at the TH described near the top of this post.

    Please, chime in if you can make it. We need you!
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