Today was my first trail ride since injuring my hamstring on the 4th and what a great return it was. I took my Big Hit knowing there would be more walking up the hills. When I left it was raining lightly which made it perfect. I caught up to a guy named Joe and he was riding at the same pace I was which only made it better. I found myself riding better than ever just not the same endurance I had a month ago. I think it has to do with losing 10 pounds as well as getting my suspension adjusted. I was even drifting through the washes without panicking, less braking on the down hills and hitting the turns much faster. It was almost more fun riding my Big Hit than my Dawg but it needs the BB lubed because it was really squeaking at the end of my ride. I hope you all were able to get out and play in the great weather. Later today I am going to look at bike number 3 to take and play on the pump track. See ya on the trail.