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    Fisher super caliber 29r-your thoughts please

    As I get older my wheels seem to want to get bigger. First it was 20" bmx, then 24" bmx cruisers then of course 26" FS and HT, now I keep reading and listening to the praises of the 29er craze.
    So, I celebrated MLK by stopping by a couple of local shops and saw a large (19") Gary Fisher super caliber. Seems to be a pretty good price for the component package.
    So.... before I totally bite and try to make room for yet another bike, I was hoping to get the local expert advice on this particular bike. Any ride impressions, thoughts, or gary fisher experiences would be helpful. I've never purchased a complete bike setup, just built mine from the frame up. So thank you in advance.

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    I had a GF 293 and loved the bike. I had some issues with it and I'm assuming I was just too heavy (205-210lbs. without gear/100oz camelback), riding to aggressive and riding too aggressive trails. I ended up selling it and bought a Turner RFX with 6" of suspension and now ride an all-mountain bike pretty much everywhere.

    I also have a 29er Paragon but it only gets love when doing light XC rides like prescott, GC up and back etc. This bike has been a lot of fun and climbs like a machine.

    If you're riding XC and not doing too much all-mountain boarderline DH then I would say go for it.

    Exhale Bikes is a GF dealer. Call them and talk to Nathan and see what they can do for you if you go the GF route. Make sure you tell him Jeff and Suling sent you.

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    I'm sure it will be a great ride, Fisher knows 29'ers so I think it's a solid choice. With the lifetime warranty on the frame, plus their deep research and development pockets, I would think that they are able to test their products far more than most bike makers prior to production.

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    When I was researching my 29er purchase, I read a LOT of horror stories about GF frames being brittle if you're a big rider. I'm 220ish (ugh) so that was enough to scare me off.

    Don't be that guy! Read the forum guidelines.

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    I'm on my 2nd GF bike now and I've had nothing but luck with them. I have the 29er SS rig right now and the Genesis geometry adds a lot of comfort here in this rocky Phoenix area considering it's a hardtail. Oh, I had the Mt Tam before as my race bike for two seasons. The only problem I ever had was with the Rockshox Sid World Cup fork...ugh.

    The longer top tube also feels great while climbing. It's great for high speed riding and general xc, but not the best for really tight situations. It's not like we're riding tight switchbacks full of trees here in our area so it doesn't matter. Ummm, great warranty also. I come in at a huge 160 lbs, but I don't remember reading anything about a weight limit. Call Adventure Bicycle in Gilbert and ask for Bill.

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    New 9er guy


    I just converted to a 9er, as well. Riding a Kona Unit 2 9, hardtail with gears. Reba shock on front.

    I find it to be a HUGE change from my squishy Ventana X5 (I love the bike)! The higher center of gravity and stiffer frame on the Kona have made it an adventure. I am now getting the 'feel' of the Kona and starting to enjoy it. The real benefit of the bike is it's climbing ability! I climbed a hill last week on the Windgate Pass trail that I haven't made half way on the X5.

    On descents the hardtail bounces and can knock the heck outta me, and I have to compensate for the extra movement of the frame. Just a matter of getting used to it.

    Hope you enjoy it, but don't forget the 6er with suspension for those special Arizona trails! Also, I don't care for SS so I can't tell you about that riding experience.


    Quote Originally Posted by bmxer
    As I get older my wheels seem to want to get bigger.
    Ventana El Rey - sweet 9er magic! OR sweet Serendipity Superfly 100

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    Thanks to all who responded. I'm gonna pull the trigger and add yet another bike to the stable.
    I appreciate the feedback and help.

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    I purchased a SuperCaliber 29 just a few months ago. Been riding a RIG SS 29er for a long time and felt the need for gears occassionally. The SuperCal is a very nice squishy ride. The RIG is by far my favorite, but when gears are mandated the SC is wonderful. I've owned many, many bikes and ride daily. You will love the bike. It is a solid buy and good value.
    Good luck, be safe, and have fun.
    Jerry in Tucson.

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