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    fellow mtbr'er "tiffany in anthem" is down

    when are people driving cars gonna start looking out for us cyclists??!!??.........

    sorry for the horrible bike pics (not one piece of her bike is still functional) but i thought that this might scare some people straight. from what we know as of this afternoon, tiff is stable at the hospital with head truama. send out your love and prayers........and keep the rubber side down!!

    wed nite we are doing a tribute/fundraiser for tiffany call the shop for more info....(480)-488-5261

    kaolin @ the flat tire bike shop


    heres the plan.......we normally have a fundraising wed nite ride that benifits cave creek park and other local entities. this week (i.e tommorrow) we are riding in support of our pal tiffany. meet at the flat tire bike shop at 6:30pm or so, ride rolls out at 7pm sharp. the ride is a mountain bike ride that loops into cave creek parks go john/overton trails. after the ride we walk across the street and eat bomb bbq, at bryans black mountain bbq. hang out and ride/eat/drink in good measure for tiffany's sake. please show up and donate whatever funds you can to alliviate some financial hardships for tiff and will. call for more info.

    heres a gps file of the regular wed nite loop.

    heres our facebook page

    its threads like this that make me proud to be an arizona mtbr user..............

    kaolin @
    flat tire bike shop
    6149 e cave creek rd
    cave creek, az 85331

    UPDATE #2!!

    due to tiffany's popularity we are also hooking up a road ride on wed nite for those who want to support but don't own a mtb bike. meet at the flat tire bike shop at 6:30pm on wed, ride up cave creek rd starting at 7pm. this will conjunctivlely end with the mtb ride at 9pm at bryans black mtn bbq. make sure to bring both front and rear lights to raise awareness for all cyclist while keeping it legal. come one come all!!!!

    UPDATE #3!!
    another quick bit of information for everyone interested in the nite ride to help out tiffany on wed nite. the road ride from the shop at 7pm will be escorted by the cave creek town marshall, adam stein, until we get out of town. very cool for da police to help us out in our quest to raise awareness for cyclists in this area.

    UPDATE #4
    mike rigney who works for the town of cave creek is helping out with the wed nite road right in tiffany's benifit heres the proposed route

    To view Graves Benefit Ride, follow the link below:

    good news, due to overwhelming support for tiffany we are expecting a huge number of riders this evening. bad news, the mountain bike portion of ride is cancelled. we simply just can't ride after dark on maricopa park property with this many riders without a permit and or planning. because of this we are asking all riders to meet at the northwest corner of cave creek rd and school house rd. from this point we can stage all riders and police escort off of a main rd while we wait to start. this ride is for all riders of all abilities, we just ask to ride safe, use lights and wear a helmet. i cant wait to have this "show of force" for the cycling community while we are raising funds for a wounded warrior.

    call my cell for ANY questions at all.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails fellow mtbr'er "tiffany in anthem" is down-tiff11.jpg  

    fellow mtbr'er "tiffany in anthem" is down-tiff22.jpg  

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    Oh no, that's awful. Best wishes and heal up soon!

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    wow.. that sucks .. 'stable' is good though.

    details, what happened? Looks like her bike was run completely over.

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    Holy $hit.

    I hope she is ok! Healing vibes to her for sure.

    That bike looks horrific...
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    Yikes! I certainly hope she fared better than her bike. Sending happy vibes to Tiffany... be well girl. You will heal!

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    Yikes!!! Get well soon.

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    That's terrible. Best wishes to her and her family.
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    Hope for quick recovery. That site is sickening. People need to put the damm cell phones and double cheeseburgers down and just drive.

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    That looks awful. Good vibes to Tiffany. Heal fast and strong,

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    Such a nice person....Get well soon!

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    Heal up fast!
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    Oh man thats bad news. Heal up fast Tiff.
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    Damn! That doesn't look much like a bike anymore. Hopefully Tiffany has a full recovery.
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    Did this happen in Anthem? I live up here and I've heard of quite a few people getting hit by cars over the years, including my daughter a couple years ago. She got bumped on her way to school. A chipped tooth and a few scrapes and bruises, but she's ok. Sorry to hear about this accident. Best wishes to her. A lot of people don't look twice before gunning it.

    On another note, we have a few new stop lights up here and I keep seeing roadies just blow through the red lights. I wish they would follow the rules of the road.

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    Oh crap! Kaolin, please let her know we all love her and are wishing her well..Please keep us updated on her condition/progress.

    Tiffany, get recovered and we'll see you soon..

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    This happened on cave creek road. There was a backhoe behind her and a landscape truck passed the backhoe and went to pull back into the lane and never saw her. He hit her with the right front of his truck! She never saw it coming. As Kaolin said, she has a fractured skull and some brain trauma. They are monitoring her hourly.

    Our thoughts go out to Will also!! Another lesson learned - get your road id! Tiff only had a cell phone on her (as most of us do) and it was several hours before Will knew. They did not know who to contact.

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    Our thoughts are with Tiffany. Stay strong and heal.

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    Get well soon Tiffany, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

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    Sad news. Get well soon!!

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    Get well soon!!

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    Dam I hate hearing news like this .....Tiffany I wish you a speedy recovery

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    This sucks. I hate seeing posts like this. I hope she heals soon.
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    Here's to a quick recovery. Sending out the healing vibes ~~~~~~~~~~
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    Recover quickly Tiff.
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