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I haven't been on mtbr in quite some time and tuned back in yesterday when i heard about people blowing the whistle on my event. what kind of people call themselves mountain bikers and call race promotion by a guy most of us know by his first name "SPAM" ...who blows the whistle on 2 guys trying to put forth a grassroots effort and have a little friendly time trial on a holiday weekend?

I'm really speechless about the reaction here. I was just trying to infuse something new into what tiny inbred scene we have here. Ya know, 10 hours of riding around Pemberton ain't my thing either, but judging by how full the event is, i would say a lot of people enjoy it. It's rides like that which can hook spectators and beginners into a life of bike love...

I'm still going to keep trying.
Please keep trying. I fully agree with you. Screw the whistle blower whoever he/she/heshe is. I'm still thinking of riding BCT that day, and having a beer with a slice of pie afterwards anyway. I don't like to drink alone so I'll bring some extras.