Backyard Pump Track

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  • 01-10-2013
    Backyard Pump Track
    Guilt. It's a bit*h....but it got me off my *ss.

    My kids love to ride their bikes, but daddy is too busy working. You know, cuz
    I got my priorities all straight and stuff.
    Anyway, I figured I could make a path around the yard for them to hold them over
    when they're really jones ing for a ride. What the heck, we weren't really using the
    yard for anything anyway.
    Well, this idea evolved from a path to "let's add a couple humps" to "let's build a
    pump track" .

    So now I'm stoked to have the track so we can all ride it together anytime we want.

    Of course, now I gotta build it. So far I have moved 20 tons of dirt into the back yard
    one barrow at a time. I 'sorta' know what I'm doing, but at this rate it will be 100 degrees
    before I finish it. I hope to make it hard and smooth and add some lights for night
    riding. It's not a huge area, but big enough I think.

    Anybody interested in pump tracks want to help out with this project? Obviously, you
    would get ongoing track privledges. I thought it would be more fun to share with a group
    anyway. I am in my 40s and have two small children so we are definitely trying to
    foster a family atmosphere. We live in Tempe.

    Anyone interested, shoot me a PM.
  • 01-10-2013

    bumping for you in hopes others close to you see this.

    if i lived near you i would like to help. key is to get some friends, and some friends that have kids that your kids make friends with who all like to ride. so many good times. slight hijack -- consider coming out to GROAZ pt work days, bunch of us wiht kids always enjoying riding with other kids.
  • 01-12-2013
    A big thanks to those who have messaged me with offers to help. Apparently I don't have
    enough posts to send a PM, which seems to also apply to responding to a PM. So let me
    do a few posts and I will get back to you guys.

    Still plenty of room for more help, so pm me if interested!