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    2018 Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

    Northern California mountain biker here....... have a group of six of us coming down for the festival, none of us have ever ridden Sedona before. What can we expect as far as terrain? Obviously it is desert-like and I would expect it similar to Hurricane or Moab? What about the riding right around the event? Can we expect a lot of climbing? Are there shuttle routes?

    Also, what bike should I bring?
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    Tan this thread ( Best Sedona bike? ) should help with your bike question. As far as the terrain next to the event, I would say itís like a combination of Moab and Hurricane.

    The best source of Sedona trail information is There are thousands of online videos you can check out to see what each trail looks like while riding.

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    long range forecast predicts SNOW; so stud yer tyres mate.
    Might be mo betta to ride in Gold Canyon.

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    Festival is what, the first week of March? I don't know of any reliable long range weather forcastes for 2 months from now. Average high temps should be in the low 60s with overnight lows in the 40s. Snow shouldn't be an issue. If you plan on riding all of the signature trails, you'll probably want the Wreckoning. I ride a 120mm 29er in Sedona, but walk a lot of the bigger moves. Senior citizen here with mediocre (but improving) skills and a healthy respect for consequences that might require a trip to the ER. Agree with Switch about Sedona being kind of a combo between Hurricane and Moab. I'm sure others will chime in with more detailed recommendations about setting up your bike.
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    The Following will be fine but I like my long travel stuff. I have a Wreck with a 11.6. That said I would totally install the 11.6 just because it climbs so much better than the air shock. I'm talking step and tech climbing. If you are coming to the festival there is like 25+ bike demo vendors alone. So really you could just ride demo bikes all weekend. There are shuttles that stop at 3 spots. Check the website. They don't go up to Hangover anymore so if that ride is on your Radar expect a longer day in the saddle or self shuttle to the lower parking area. The one thing I would suggest is getting to the gate early if you expect any glimmer of hope riding one of the popular brands such as SantaCruz, Yeti, Pivot, Ibis, Intense...

    Bike and Bean used to do a Guided ride Friday afternoon of Hiline. That ride rips if you have the cajones to keep up with the locals. I think Absolute Bikes might be doing it this year. Fast ride, but they respect the no drop attitude. From the lookout all the way to the wash was a hoot. Hiline gets REAL at speed. And the top of Easy Breezey is super sick with loads of speed and natural 2-6 foot drops.

    If you run into snow... It will be on Hangover most likely.

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    Either bike will work, just depends on your preferences. I ride my 27.5 bike there with 140 up front. In the past, I've ridden 29er Primer, Tallboy and Tallboy LT and a Pivot Mach 6. I've had a blast on every bike I've ever taken to Sedona. There's just some tight spots where the 27.5 comes in handy for *me*.

    There are no "extended" (multi-mile) climbs that I'm aware of in Sedona...or at least I've never ridden on any though the ride back to the start of Hangover can be quite the workout. One thing to remember though is the rock in Sedona is nowhere near as grippy as the stuff in Hurricane or Slickrock in Moab. On the plus side, it's decidedly more scenic than those other places if you can believe that. I think it's the most scenic place I ride overall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Transition Senior View Post
    long range forecast predicts SNOW; so stud yer tyres mate.
    Might be mo betta to ride in Gold Canyon.

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