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  1. Some fun bikes from the 1930s and 1940s
  2. 55+ Thinking of joining my teenagers - have 2005 Bianchi Lynx
  3. Never too old.
  4. 2 years in 2 minutes age 60-62
  5. Heart rate vs Breathing rate while riding
  6. Additional Heart Related Post
  7. The 50+ Year Old Age Poll...PART II ***A continuation thread.
  8. Give it to me straight, oldtimer to oldtimer: Should I be offended?
  9. 52yr old Newbie
  10. Are you losing it? ... the xtra few pounds
  11. Does Anybody Know...
  12. Some rides, recently: Evolution.
  13. Psa..............
  14. We came to (or back to) mountain bike late, this is our beginner s corner.
  15. Wich third bike ?
  16. Full Sus E-Bike Have you converted?
  17. Flat Pedals.... Any old guys riding them?
  18. Anyone working through adhesive capsulitis in the shoulder?
  19. Experience with Orbea Carpe?
  20. Link to last year's Ibis Migration in Mendocino...
  21. Swimming
  22. 50+ Riders Could Give Advice to Youngsters
  23. have your feet gotten bigger?
  24. Old Guys Racing?
  25. Riding with a hernia.
  26. did I ever bonk last night
  27. Old Dog Learning New Tricks
  28. Any old farts going to the Mendocino Ibis Migration?
  29. Packing and shipping a bike.
  30. Anyone with knee replacement and still mtn bikes?
  31. 29+, Full Suspension Bike for Geezers?
  32. Days off for a big ride
  33. Cardiac Concerns later in life
  34. Post Is for 60+ Riders Mostly
  35. Semi-Centenarian Singlespeeders ?
  36. Went cruising, ended up not where I set out for.
  37. Overtraining Syndrome easier to reach as we age?
  38. Old Guy NEW bike
  39. What a difference
  40. Where to Ride - I-20 or I-40 Corridor SC to NM
  41. Bone Density and Cycling
  42. Frequency of Falls?
  43. Does weather effect your choice to ride now?
  44. More old riders around than you realise.
  45. Masters Level cycling site
  46. Age is a state of mind
  47. A-fib/Atrial Fibrillation
  48. Joe Friel's "Fast after 50"
  49. How to train to climb?
  50. Low back pain
  51. Carpal Tunnel: Anyone had the surgery?
  52. Hydration while riding
  53. Getting back to mountain biking at 70
  54. Training w hip dysfunction and weaker posterior chain one side
  55. Anyone else notice tumeric also works for allergies?
  56. Tall Head Tube/High Bar Bike for old guys?
  57. Shin guards
  58. Umbilical Hernia Repair
  59. 50+ Category for Revolution Enduro series in CO & NM
  60. old people smell
  61. amazing how fast the wind goes
  62. New Bike for Old Guy
  63. Too old to know better - the StrathPuffer 24 Hour
  64. Psoas???
  65. Anybody else running road bikes these days?
  66. Camera Up The Kiester Manana...
  67. Knee pain more frequent durring winter riding?
  68. The big ride
  69. Looking for arthritic thumb shifting solution
  70. Here we go
  71. Prescription Sport Glasses
  72. hoping to go to wales!
  73. Views on wide rims
  74. Reflecting on my return to mountain biking!
  75. XC Racing Tips
  76. Woohoo! Planning my first real MTB trip!
  77. Things nobody told me about dropper posts
  78. Rider Down
  79. Vision
  80. Short Travel, Good Climbing, Trail Geometry?
  81. Mad Respect...
  82. Snow
  83. New to these forums
  84. The switch to a full suspension?
  85. Realistic Recovery times
  86. How much travel after 55
  87. Does anyone wear a..........
  88. Old rider- protection needed?
  89. MTB for 77 year old dad
  90. 50th birthday extravaganza trip
  91. Senior Games in St. George Ut
  92. Meet-up for RV or van long term travelers
  93. days off, truck syndrome
  94. New guy from Huntsville, AL
  95. Racing Heart Rate too high?
  96. Any Doctors in the house?
  97. Watts/kg after 50
  98. Seeking votes for "Aussie Grit"
  99. Another medication thread
  100. Who Else's Family NEVER Listens To Them?
  101. Are you mixing mountainbiking with some other activity?
  102. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
  103. Had a nice ride the other day...
  104. Eyesight failing me
  105. what to do with the other half
  106. Old Dude, Old Member Returning
  107. That time when you schooled the youngin's...
  108. 64th birthday ride
  109. Great Story!
  110. Started Levothyroxin, Any Tips or Watchout For Things?
  111. Time and timeless.
  112. Social Security!
  113. Cassettes and age.
  114. Bike and rider combo = 125 years
  115. What's your beer?
  116. whats with the rude people
  117. Plant-based diet thoughts
  118. This is cool. There is still hope!
  119. Now I'm "moar" confused
  120. Urinary Tract Infection
  121. Class reunions & MTB.
  122. it finally hit
  123. Toe Clip Pedals
  124. Wrist pain - bike recommendations
  125. Sucks that I can't ride
  126. Chunky gnarly tight twisty trails bah!
  127. #aarpsuckit
  128. Plantar Fasciitis,does riding help or hurt?
  129. New geriatric sports ailment.
  130. Anyone notice their feet getting bigger?
  131. Haywire Heart
  132. Light-headed after climbing
  133. Do I want a HT 29'er?
  134. swapping running gear between HT and FS
  135. Dreaming or can it be done !!!
  136. Help with endurance
  137. so what is a reasonable timeframe to get in good biking shape at our age
  138. Is this MTB thing a disease or addiction?
  139. Triscaphe osteoarthritis and surgery
  140. Getting Along with a Middle-aged Body
  141. Overcoming dominant leg
  142. Do you have a MTB "Bucket List" dream trip goal?
  143. Last Car vs. Last Bike
  144. Anyone else fish for their other hobby?
  145. Bigger chainring?
  146. Newb feeling younger every day
  147. Fat tires + hardtail + Thudbuster vs. Full suspension?
  148. Exercises to build up my descending quads
  149. Am I too late?
  150. Upright handlebars
  151. Guiding, Seasonal Work opportunity: May Be Time For Quality Life?
  152. Feeling past it? He isn't...
  153. Riding and Sleep
  154. 2015 Budnitz Ti MTB Limited 650b SS for sale...EC perfect.
  155. Chasing PRs
  156. 50+ Jersey
  157. I think I need to spend more time riding and less time reading forums.
  158. Rain won't stop coming down, added temporary fenders
  159. Training for the Darwin Awards
  160. Learning new skills
  161. Do your ride every day?
  162. Old People Crashes
  163. First Mtb ride of the season...
  164. Old man pants.
  165. Your Brief Cycling History
  166. One or Two days ago.
  167. Strength Training over 50
  168. Diamondback Sync'r came today, OK to ride on blacktop trail?
  169. Excelicor tendonitis.
  170. The Good ol' Days
  171. silver bullets to increase neck/shoulder/upper back endurance? (crosspost)
  172. riding with stent implant?
  173. The Achellis Heel
  174. Anyone gone back to a Hardtail with 27.5 plus tires
  175. Anybody had an ankle fusion?
  176. Bed time cut off 50Plus crowd per Geographic location.
  177. Old Thumbs
  178. Surgery for Cataracts?
  179. Recovery
  180. Yearly mileage stats
  181. Instruction
  182. Skiing
  183. Peak District in Derbyshire
  184. Staying lean.. how do you do it
  185. My only Old person ailment thread...
  186. Old people smell
  187. i dont bounce like i used too..coming back after not riding much.
  188. Flexibility - or lack there of
  189. what are you listening to to day?
  190. elbow and knee pads
  191. Suspension Seat Post
  192. Heart rate profile
  193. Pseudogout?
  194. Any Diabetics Here?
  195. CBD Oil - no THC and mounting evidence for it's effectiveness
  196. What are you doing to keep fit this winter?
  197. Wisdom Spots? Seriously?
  198. Wrong age to start climbing?
  199. BikeJames experience?
  200. Balls,Big ones
  201. A different approach to mtb...
  202. Stealth ebikes?
  203. Best ride to date!
  204. workout insurance
  205. Recovery times...
  206. New member - howdy+what's up
  207. Who's had a catheter ablation?
  208. Too old to really get into it?
  209. What Kind Of Old Fart Riding?
  210. Regression at the gym...
  211. Turning 50 in May and thinking of celebrating with a MTB destination trip.
  212. What my riding area looks like
  213. Road and mountain bikes?
  214. Shifting to 1x11
  215. "People of your age..."
  216. so i got a new doctor since i moved.
  217. The callipygous.
  218. Cheating and liking it....
  219. Do You Live at the "Old Person's House"?
  220. Ride while you can (not a happy story)
  221. 58 in Oct, Hitting a sweet double!!
  222. RV thread
  223. 10x9
  224. ReStart
  225. Retire or Repurpose
  226. happened. i hit 50!
  227. Inspriration
  228. Bike Change
  229. Coaches for old guys!
  230. 58 in Oct, still going BIG!!
  231. 89 HardRock being replaced - need opinions
  232. 89 HardRock and I need a shock
  233. cervical issues with degenerative / compressed disc
  234. How to ride slow
  235. How do you ride now?
  236. Am I crazy wanting a hardtail?
  237. Relaxed Geometry Hardtails with Good spec.
  238. Who Has Back Problems?
  239. Folks with hairy chests sticking out through jersey.
  240. Is this the Fifty+ Years Old Mens Forum?
  241. Hey Old Dudes - Anyone try a Specialized Levo or eMTB?
  242. MO State Championships Cat 3 50+ 2nd place
  243. Riding With Hearing Aids
  244. Fluid on my knee
  245. Back to MTB but heavy
  246. 50+ who cares
  247. Brag about youor lastest ride
  248. Chaffing and saddle sores
  249. > 50 hardtail riders as your primary bike - what are you riding
  250. I'll be 50 on Saturday and I'm...