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  1. Evil Following Capability
  2. Flip chip question
  3. Crazy Loud Creaking-Public Service Announcement
  4. Evil insurgent review and comparison
  5. Am I crazy-Following MB to replace Pivot 429SL?
  6. Wreckoning Poll: Low vs. X-Low
  7. Wreckoning LB rattling noise near swingarm?
  8. following V1 carbon crumbling apart at front der mount location
  9. Insurgent + Monarch + ShockWiz = WTF?
  10. New Evil Wreckr Available!
  11. Some EVIL love.
  12. Wreckoning - 170mm & 44 offset fork?
  13. Broke linkage bolt on old Uprising - replacement?
  14. Wrecker durability?
  15. Calling incoming!
  16. What's this about?
  17. Calling update?
  18. Posting here for better intel: Evil Following MB vs Ibis Ripley v3.. same bike?
  19. Evil Wreckoning looking for a sidekick. Calling or Following MB?
  20. 6ft+ Riders on following MB's
  21. Calling- elevensix vs rockshox
  22. Stolen Evils - Please Help
  23. Fox DPX2 on the Following MB
  24. The Following MB - Initial Impressions? Here's mine.
  25. Evil Following 140 Pike
  26. Undead More Better
  27. Evil Wreckoning little better'er
  28. Evil Insurgent Little Better
  29. Evil wreckoning Whispbar WB201
  30. Insurgent Rear Dearailleur - Short Cage Saint, Go or No Go?
  31. Paid Spam: 2018 Following MB, 29er, Carbon, Di2, Pike etc.. Nice build - Great buy!
  32. Evil Bikes customer service warranty experiences - read and beware
  33. New Model- The Followreck?
  34. Wreckoning vs Following MB - A 1st hand Comparison
  35. Evil Following V1 lower shock mount corrosion?
  36. dhdsracer ? Where are you?
  37. Following MB - New to suspension - How to dial it in?
  38. DELTA bearing preventative maintenance PSA
  39. Insurgent rear shock
  40. Wreckoning Chainring Shimming
  41. Anything Better for a Wreck than Reverbs?
  42. Evil Calling or 2019 Stumpjumper
  43. Evil Following MB sizing down from a Large V1 or sticking with a Large MB?
  44. Evil The Calling 34t ring ..
  45. Stolen Evil Bikes - Need Evil Nation Help
  46. First Question: Following MB or Calling? Second Question: Which size?
  47. Best Higher Volume Rear Tire for Wreckoning?
  48. Evil Wreckr Fork Travel?
  49. MK1 following @ 6FT
  50. Evil Wreckoning - Rockshock Monarch Shock setup
  51. Evil colour matching
  52. Wreckoning frame wear/damage ?
  53. Evil wreckoning Thule proride 598
  54. Insurgent Rolling Chassis Feeler
  55. Anyone running the Following as a 27.5+?
  56. Smoking deal on an XL Wrecker frame+11-6+dropper
  57. New bike coming?
  58. Why buy Evil?
  59. Evil Followrekoning (135mm-145mm) travel 29er
  60. Wreckoning as a Enduro race bike?
  61. Tyre question for Wreckoning
  62. Enduro mag Wrecker review...Still the downhill king. Others tested as well.....
  63. Internal Dropper Tube Issue
  64. Evil Bikes Tube/co2 Storage
  65. Poor Wreckoning review
  66. Calling Super Deluxe Setup
  67. Following MB stack...
  68. How to attach Shockwiz to Evil Calling shock please advise
  69. Evil Following rear end mud shield
  70. Outside Magazine mtb of the year award goes to....
  71. Following vs calling? Can someone please provide feedback?
  72. Evil Following v1 rear tire question
  73. Wreckoning lyrik vs rc2
  74. Following MB + Fox 36 140mm
  75. My 2cents about Following, coming from Ripley V1
  76. Advice needed on "calling"
  77. Wreckoning- Can someone be a dear
  78. Evil Calling cranks & chainring confusion!!
  79. RWC Needle Bearing Kit for Following
  80. 2014 following seatpost clamp size?
  81. Evil Wreckoning vs Pivot Switchblade
  82. anyone have a Yeti and Evil Calling in their stable? Looking to compare the color(s)
  83. Following vs Following MB
  84. Understanding Evil Geometry
  85. how to install internal dropper on evil frame?
  86. push elevensix wreck setting?
  87. Is there a specific spindle length needed for cranks? Following frame
  88. Coil shock for The Following MB, are there any options?
  89. Evil MB owners, what length crank are you using?
  90. Following mb 27.5+ pics
  91. Wreckoning vs Following MB
  92. Shock replacement for Evil Following?
  93. Wreckoning Rear Tire Clearance
  94. Wreckoning Fork Offset
  96. Which shock rebuild kit?
  97. 2018 Evil Wreckoning Ride Review & Impressions Video
  98. Wreckoning XL - Demo?
  99. Anybody heard from Evil???
  100. something new and evil just about to arrive?
  101. 27.5+ On Wreckoning
  102. Excessive spacers on FMB, drive side RF Cinch 30?
  103. V1 Following rear shock question
  104. 30t oval on new MB?
  105. Evil Following bearing replacement; order a main pivot kit too...
  106. Following pivot maintenance
  107. Following MB rippers, what’s your preferred geo set up?
  108. Insurgent coil shock and water bottle mounts
  109. Following MB Rear Tire Clearance
  110. Following MB Top-out Clunk?
  111. Evil Following MB or keep Pivot 429 Trail.
  112. Evil The Following MB geo
  113. Following MB- Size Large rear brake line measurement?
  114. Looking for trail suggestions
  115. Is the Following MB easy to manual / wheelie ?
  116. Following MB Super Deluxe Shock Setup/Manual?
  117. Insurgent v. Calling geometry
  118. I want an Evil, But wich One???
  119. Anyone put a X2 on their insurgent?
  120. Wreckoning Sizing
  121. Wreckoning vs. other long travel 29ers
  122. Following V1 Owners - Avvy Tune or Fox Float DPS Upgrade?
  123. Wreckoning 11.6 max rider weight
  124. Pike on a Wreckoning...
  125. Which to choose; Evil Calling or Following MB for RI singletrack ?
  126. Picture only thread?
  127. Following MB Max Tire Width, 2.6"?
  128. Insurgent BB with Race Face Cinch
  129. Evil Following V1 - Good Fit?
  130. Wreckoning - 11.6 - settings
  131. Question about cornering
  132. New rear shock for Wreckoning
  133. Why do Evil's corner so well?
  134. Upper Shock Bolt Bearings for all EVIL bikes?
  135. Spring rates for coil on a Wreckoning
  136. Wreckoning + 2018 Fox 36 29er 170mm
  137. Is the Following short-shocked?
  138. Joined the evil side. Quick question.
  139. Canadian Evil Dealer
  140. Correct Sag Measurement
  141. New Following build question.
  142. Wreckoning Rear End Noise?
  143. Future of the Insurgent
  144. Anyone come from a Bronson to Calling?
  145. Heel Rubbing Chainstay
  146. Evil Following light weight build
  147. Seat post clamp on Wreckoning.
  148. The Following vs Bronson V2
  149. Wreckoning or Transition Sentinel?
  150. Stupid question on evil following bottom bracket shell
  151. Linkage/shock play with Wreckoning 11.6 Combo
  152. Back from the French Alps on my Evil Following.
  153. Evil Following - Size Large Headset Stack Height?
  154. Interesting article
  155. Blinding Flash of the Obvious or....
  156. Evil Bikes - The Following : Can you provide a longterm review?
  157. Wreckoning + Fox DPX2
  158. The calling - sizing
  159. Wreckoning with a dhx2
  160. Anyone using a 2.8" front tire on an Insurgent?
  161. Does your swingarm spit out its rubber plug?
  162. 1st Insurgent ride vs Mojo3 vs Mach5
  163. Thru Axle on Wreckonings?
  164. Wreckoning and modern wheelbase
  165. boost cranks on a Wreck?
  166. Chain links on eagle for a medium wreckoning?
  167. Fox DPX2 on following?
  168. Starter set up for X2 on wreck?
  169. Who has serviced they Wreck? (or any Evil)
  170. One month on Wreck with 29x2.6 Nobby Nics
  171. 142mm or 148mm on wreck???
  172. Wreckonging in X Low mode
  173. Following/Insurgent/Wreckoning to Trunnion/Metric Delta Links
  174. CCDBA CS on Insurgent?
  175. Evil Customer Service = Awesome!
  176. Following Owners - Internal Rim Width?
  177. The Calling - 2.6" Slaughter Grid fits rear
  178. Can you remove the chain guide on Evil bikes?
  179. Forks for Insurgent build
  180. e*thirteen cassette on a wreckoning
  181. Evil Demo this Sunday in Georgia...
  182. Insurgent suspension settings: Tips/Questions
  183. Wreckoning steerer type size?
  184. Will Minion or Rekon 2.6 fit Insurgent rear?
  185. The Following Headtube/Headset Question
  186. How did you decide to get your Evil?
  187. Evil Alloy?
  188. Thinking of 120mm fork Following, band-aid fix for a 130 fork??
  189. Climbing on The Following
  190. Evil sale
  191. Calling compared to Insurgent?
  192. Angry Dolphin Calling Stickrd edition
  193. Custom 650b EVIL Following / 2017 Sea Otter Classic Pro Slalom Bike
  194. Clydes on The Following
  195. Following / Avalanche Monarch Tune
  196. Evil following bearings
  197. Insurgent Build
  198. For those with time on both: Following/Insurgent stable?
  199. Following Sizing Question - Freakishly Long Legs and Short Torso
  200. Following Monarch Tune Differences
  201. Small Wreckoning and dropper selection.
  202. Project Wreckoning
  203. Anyone ridden a Following and a Yeti ASR?
  204. DELTA Link Bearing Tools
  205. Sag meter
  206. Mixing wheel sizes (rocking the mullet)
  207. Sram Chainring offset for a wreckoning?
  208. Wreckoning Crankset
  209. Crown race for Following
  210. Now I got to ride The Calling, again from Wrench Science
  211. Wreckoning Shock Options
  212. Following + Xterra Tri
  213. Help on a Wreckoning Build
  214. Evil The Following demo from Wrench Science, I was amazed.
  215. Fox X2 and Wreckoning
  216. New 34.9 diameter droppers on the horizon for Wreckoning?
  217. Evil The Calling - New Bike Day!
  218. New/updated Following soon?
  219. Best traveling Bag/Case for EVIL bike?
  220. Can you put a Maxle or similar 'QR type through axle' on a 2016 Following
  221. Evil Wreckoning or Trek Slash 29er to replace Nomad?
  222. Following + Yari
  223. Evil with Di2?
  224. Any Evil owners in New England (specifically MA)?
  225. Fox Transfer (internal Cable) Dropper installation on Evil Calling
  226. Owning Ibis Ripley and Evil Following cool or too much overlap?
  227. When's the new Evil DH bike arriving?
  228. Wreckoning + Vivid Air
  229. Float X2 setup on Wreckoning?
  230. Is something EVIL.........CALLING?
  231. Wreckoning - sizing up or down?
  232. to shim or not to shim: what seatpost are you running on your Wreckoning?
  233. Does EVIL use the same chainstays for all bikes?
  234. EVIL "THE CALLING" - Spy shots and first look!
  235. Evil Headset Lifespan?
  236. Anyone using a North Shore Bike Rack with their Evil?
  237. Wreckoning bottom bracket and crankset
  238. Following Main Pivot ?
  239. Evil Insurgent Owners in NC or SC???
  240. wreckoning headset
  241. Evil Customer Service?
  242. Long shocking an Insurgent?
  243. Evil going plus????
  244. The following chain slap
  245. ElevnSix Wreckoning cable routing solution
  246. 150mm reverb stealth on a medium Insurgent???
  247. 150mm Reverb on Large Wreck
  248. Small Following with a 150mm KS stealth dropper ?
  249. 1st week on The Wreckoning
  250. Will 28th tooth on insurgent