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  1. I just do day rides,
  2. Green mountain growler gravel grinder
  3. Bikepacking gear/parts swap thread.
  4. do you really need to use all 3 bolts on a 3bolt cage?
  5. bikepacking the kokopelli trail week of 5/21, water info needed!
  6. Help with Bike choice for long trip
  7. X-Post - Pearl Izumi X-Alp Series shoes: Elevate vs. Launch II vs Summit
  8. New Off-Grid "Sat Phone-ish" Thingy....
  9. need help securing right bag for my bike. Pic to judge
  10. Specialized Fuse - spoke count
  11. Overlander bike gear - hard mount bike packing system
  12. First bikepacking trip in Pisgah
  13. Locking out rear shock
  14. Frame bag pattern for a Medium Surly Wednesday
  15. Gear for 3 nights versus overnight
  16. Saddle suggestion for Bike Packing
  17. Tarp and critters
  18. Stealth Bicycle Camping Trip in Arizona
  19. Trek Full Suspension Frame Bag
  20. NEW Porcelain Rocket Mr. Fusion Mini - FOR SALE
  21. Across Southern Sweden
  22. Big Bend "Other Side of Nowhere" Route
  23. Bikepacking from Mexico to Canada(Arizona Trail > Sierra Cascades Route)
  24. Kokopelli Trail water reports?
  25. First bikepacking trip
  26. Garmin Etrex 20 - Loading Maps/GPX for Great Divide Route
  27. Seat bag for 6" tire clearance
  28. Clearance on the Jamis Dragonslayer 27+
  29. Surly Bridge Club
  30. Anyone need a BOB trailer?
  31. Tips for a first trip
  32. Mike Hall
  33. Overnight Adventure...
  34. Seat post
  35. RR: El Camino del Diablo (X-post AZ)
  36. Rival Hydro or BB7s
  37. Zimbale Frame Bags
  38. Conversation with 2018 Florida Divide rider
  39. SPAM: Oveja Negra Superwedgie & 1/2 Pack frame bags
  40. Trek Top Fuel Frame Bag
  41. Almond trees in bloom
  42. Plateau Passage Bike Packing Route: 1200 miles
  43. Rain Pants
  44. Extraterrestrial on a 2013 Fargo
  45. Extraterrestrial on a 2013 Fargo
  46. Seatpost Setback for Bikepacking
  47. Making a large saddle bag dropper "compatible"
  48. Bike Bag Sizes
  49. Pisgah/gwnf (harrisonburg) bike packing
  50. Which bike stable would you choose?
  51. Which 5.10 Freerider for bikepacking?
  52. plus tires
  53. B Fat and 29+ Pugsley for sale.
  54. If you could pick one tire.....
  55. PODSACS bags from PlanetX?
  56. My "new" Trek 560!
  57. Father and Son Adventure: Biking Across Spain
  58. 29" Coil Suspension Fork
  59. Bikerafting Alaska's Lava Coast.
  60. TR - Bikepacking the Gila 100 Feb 2018 (AZ x-post)
  61. salsa warbird?
  62. Advice Needed for a "Multi-Tool" Adventure Bike
  63. MYOG DCF double ended dry bag
  64. Seat bag giveaways
  65. Is this a good bike for touring GDMBR?
  66. small top tube bag but big enough for small pump
  67. carbon bar +anything cradle?
  68. Revelate tangle
  69. Giant Revolt / Touring Fork
  70. Need Rim Suggestions
  71. First Winter Overnight
  72. Bentley Components /drj0n Gas Tank bag stabiliser.
  73. Anyone get spoiled by their jones bars?
  74. Front rack and large panniers
  75. Buying my first bike for my journey
  76. Yahoo Mail 1888 ~ 406 4114 Contact YAHOO Email Tec * h supp0rt care24 /
  77. YAHOO 1888*406*4114 Email Password Reset Contact Tec*help online on phone
  78. Yahoo! YAHOO 1888:406:4114 (wireless) Installation CONTACT Yahoo mail Tec*h by 24/
  79. Extrawheel trailer and thru axle
  80. Plush Car Camping Pad
  81. salsa Bucksaw frame bag compatibility with other Split pivot designs
  82. Frame bag: zipper vs roll top
  83. Rear rack for GT Zaskar
  84. Porcelain Rock DSLR Slinger or Mini Slinger or ?
  85. Jones H Bar for mountain biking?
  86. Terra Australis Bike Epic 6,500k
  87. Bike for sale question
  88. Fat bike front rack?
  89. Esperance to Albany [Western Australia] 750 kms in 10 Days
  90. I feel like I'm way out of my comfort zone/help a noob out.
  91. Handlebar
  92. Relevate tangle
  93. Alpacka Yak for sale
  94. Seat bag advise
  95. Cradle-type handlebar system - improvement?
  96. Rock, ice, and water.
  97. Moonlander and rear racks
  98. New Zealand
  99. Why not just wear a backpack
  100. Bikepacking Southeast Asia
  101. Touring the world!
  102. Titanium Pedal Wrench Chain BB Multitool Project
  103. Supported Self Guided Recommendations
  104. TR: Cow Funk
  105. Interesting HAB system
  106. front rack and fenders on a fargo
  107. bike stem bags
  108. My Julian BFL Trilogy
  109. Letís see your tarp shelters
  110. DIY pvc cage mounts
  111. Poll racks or bags
  112. Elastomer Saddles
  113. Relevate Harness with canti brakes?
  114. Bike/Frame questions/Opinions welcome - Newbie
  115. Shimano Ultegra 6800 1x11 with 11-40 cassette?
  116. Need help for this saturdays trip
  117. Carrying food for multi week trips?
  118. Selle Anatomica - Seat Pack Question
  119. Jones Plus 24" - non Revelate/Jones Bag options
  120. Ortlieb "QL3" vs "QL3.1" is 3.0 good enough?
  121. Bags and accessories quality?
  122. Overnighter Bliss
  123. A Durability Question...
  124. Overnight Bikepacking Trip
  125. REI Used Gear Site Now Online
  126. Groupset help needed: Drop bar, 2x11 (wide range), hydraulic disc, BOOST
  127. Huffy does it again!
  128. Seat bag stabilizers
  129. Racks and Packing
  130. rear-rack "top pack" / bag that doesn't interfere with panniers
  131. How did you get started?
  132. Big 5-0 trip
  133. Short Bus Conversion
  134. Specialized Burra Burra Stabilizer Seatpack
  135. Revelate handlebar harness disco'd - need other options
  136. Fat Bike Conundrum - Tires or wheels?
  137. Cattle Guard Warning
  138. TNGA in October, Anyone?
  139. What tape to use to fix spare parts to frame?
  140. Giant Toughroad SLR
  141. Kona Sutra Ltd
  142. Krampus: old vs new?
  143. 29plus wheelset: 197mm + 36 hole + double wall + hopefully tubeless
  144. My video: bicycle tour in the Rockies, epic climbs: Mount Evans, Loveland pass, Pikes
  145. Julian Bikepack Challenge Group Start Friday October 13th, 2017
  146. RR: Colorado Trail Race '17
  147. How much water do you drink on a trail ride?
  148. Bones to Blue Bikepacking race August 2017
  149. Noob with a 26er. Anyone else use one?
  150. What are my potential 2x solution?
  151. Anybody ever tried the FLECTR wheel reflector?
  152. Suspension posts, Anyone have experience?
  153. The Bikepacking Stache: Trek 1120!
  154. What pack rack is best for me?
  155. What's the least I can run
  156. Starting out
  157. Breakfast ideas for overnighters
  158. Newb
  159. Speedsleev minimalist saddle bag/strap alternative?
  160. Backcountry Toolkit Advice
  161. Enough With Sleeping In Toilets Already! It's Silly and Gross!
  162. Tnga
  163. Lighter load.
  164. Another Solution to a frame without braze-ons
  165. My Solution for a Frame with no Braze-ons
  166. garmin inreach explorer+ for bikepack racing?
  167. Coil or Air Front Suspension?
  168. Need opinions: KUDU 18/Raptor 14/Talon 22?
  169. help: Bikepacker but really more of a touring bike
  170. Seats for touring (cheap vs expensive)
  171. Velcro straps
  172. LightHeart Gear perfect for Bike packing Interview
  173. Custom/off the shelf frame bag?
  174. Full Suspension Bike Trailer Build
  175. Touring on Maxxis Grifters?
  176. Top Tube Bag Trouble Staying Upright
  177. Rear Rack for Santa Cruz Chameleon
  178. Best chain made?
  179. My size 6 Revelate/Surly Frame Bag Review.... Get this one before you get any other
  180. Revelate Designs Harness Handlebar system or Salsa Cradle?
  181. Thoughts/experience on fork bags?
  182. Best chainring size for 1x11?
  183. Ride With GPS question
  184. Pluses/minuses of various bag types (planning for first hut trip)
  185. Cattle, cows and stealth camping.
  186. Shoes for flat pedal bikepacking/touring
  187. Strapping a drybag to the seat
  188. Question regarding seat bags for bikepacking
  189. surly troll or ogre for 650b build
  190. Looking for a Bike Stand
  191. Bad ass tent / camper fan
  192. Brake survey...
  193. Selecting a bikepacking bike
  194. So, just packing for my first bikepacking trip...
  195. Tour Divide 17
  196. Divide stories.
  197. Feedbag - my new everyday bag....
  198. Surviving the wilds of the Candaian Rockies
  199. To tent or not to tent
  200. Rear Pannier Rack on a mountain bike
  201. Backcountry camping Rockies
  202. Dragonfly bikepacking setup: transverse saddlebag + qr cargo cages
  203. Large bottle holders.
  204. IHSMBR 2017-Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route 2017
  205. Bikepacking Route Suggestions
  206. What straps do you prefer to use to secure your gear?
  207. much does your MTB bikePacker rig weigh...fully loaded?
  209. Frame bag for C'dale Jeklyll 2015 xl
  210. Cross Bike vs Rigid Mtb for Norcal to Socal tour
  211. Has anyone ever used one of these bags and how well do they work
  212. Lite Shock Pump
  213. DangerBird FKT/ New Event
  214. Montana Bikefishing Buddies
  215. Trailer ideas?
  216. Gas tank 'dwidget'
  217. May Itinerary - Bike Camp Cookbook
  218. 2013 Salsa El Mariachi Frame Pack Recommendation?
  219. 7 Days in the Swell
  220. Salsa EXP Anything Cradle on 25.4 bars
  221. Bike packing and wide tires
  222. Quick question on pulling Burley child trailer
  223. Cuben Fibre dry bags
  224. frame pack on the downtube
  225. Bikepacking Bars Someone needs to Make
  226. Maze/Glen Canyon---Join Me?
  227. front rack suggestions
  228. Another rain gear test ride.
  229. More bottles with Wolftooth
  230. Bike setup for the GDMBR, any thoughts/suggestions?
  231. TR - 2017 AZT 300! (AZ x-post - text and pic heavy!)
  232. Julian Bikepack Challenge October 15th 2017
  233. Ultralight backpacks
  234. Those with roll top frame bags- any regrets?
  235. Making a ghetto Mr. Fusion
  236. Wearing or mounting a backpack?
  237. Denali Highway overnight chasing winters retreat
  238. New seat pack from Topeak
  239. Help needed to build an apocalypse-proof fat-bike (for fat bike touring)
  240. Steerer Tube Storage Bikepacker perspective
  241. Gila River Ramble
  242. Air Fork Advice for GBMBR
  243. VERY sad news about Mike Hall
  244. Bikepacking/ Touring Bogota to Zona Cafetera
  245. Alpacka Rafts
  246. Adventure That You Seek? And paid?, Guiding For A Mountain Biking Adventure Center
  247. Hydraulic disc brakes and Jones bar
  248. flat pedal a tour?
  249. Dirty Devil bikeraft
  250. Air travel with tubeless tires