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  1. Shimano ME7 Shoe with Saint SPD?
  2. Help for getting XT 8050 into connection mode
  3. 2018 Shimano XTR 12-speed
  4. Shimano 25-5-2018 what will they show?
  5. How long have you managed to ride with XTR 11s Cassette?
  6. Another I-SPEC
  7. XT pads rattling - solutions?
  8. Connecting XTR di2 to etube app
  9. Xt m8000 shadow+ Rd clutch not staying engaged
  10. Cage size.
  11. Shimano 12 speed
  12. Tharsis Trail Stem + BTR expander
  13. Shimano derailleur quality ranking?
  14. Which is slicker/better - Dura Ace Polymer or OptiSlick?
  15. Minimalist Di2 groupset - will this work? Di2 expert needed!
  16. Shimo Slx 2x to 1x HELP NEEDED
  17. Converting older SLX drivetrain to 1x10 setup?
  18. Di2 battery drain?
  19. Ispec for old BL-M785-B brakes and SL-M780 shifters
  20. Shimano XT FC-M785 w/ Race Face Turbine chainrings
  21. XT Di2 questions - can I run larger than 42T with Syncro shift, etc?
  22. How-To: XTR M9020 (Carbon) and M988 (Alum) Lever Blade Replacement
  23. 2 piece Hope rotors with Shimano calipers
  24. XT M8000 11-42 cassette creaking
  25. 2017 SLX Triple Chainring - 94 BCD?
  26. FC-M521 removal
  27. Xt 785 trouble.
  28. XTR M9000 oval chain ring- absolute black vs. on one
  29. Ice Tech Rotor Warpage
  30. I-Spec integration bolts
  31. XTR derailleur plastic cable guide thingy
  32. SLX M7000 Triple Chain Ring BCD
  33. New XT Brakes...horrible!
  34. XTR M9000 shifter loose
  35. MW7 insole
  36. 2x10 XTR M980 Chainring replacement - Need advice
  37. Want to upgrade to XT Di2 - can I keep current cassette/chain?
  38. Shimano XT 11-46T cassette along with XTR M9000 cranks
  39. Shimano does not want my money! (another I Spec-B rant)
  40. Shimano XTR M988 rear hub spacing?
  41. *Rant* No Shimano XT 36T chainring.
  42. New ME-7 release date?
  43. Which XT8000 Rear Derailleur to use on the latest XT11-46 cassette?
  44. Which XT shifter?
  45. Anyone here use B-spec shifters with Shimano brakes
  46. 11-46T cassette release date
  47. XT M8000 Crankset install - BB Drag?
  48. XT ispec B shifter with Ispec ll brakes?
  49. Quick I-spec 2 Question
  50. Shimano M988 hub with 11 speed XT?
  51. Shimano Deore BR-M486 Hydraulic Disc lever removal and replacement
  52. RD-M960 Jockey Wheels
  53. M8000 Xt shifter parts
  54. XT M785 Reach Adjustment Not Working
  55. XTR BR-M960 V-brake overhaul
  56. I'm done with Shimano until this gets sorted out!
  57. Shimano RD-M510 6-speed derailleur replacement?
  58. Electric XT on its way?
  59. Difference between FC-M8000-1 and FC-M8000-2?
  60. M8000 Optislick shifter cable - P/N?
  61. Anyone Using Shimano SH-MW7 Winter Boots? X Post From Fat Bikes Forum
  62. XTR CN-M980 981 10 Speed Chain Discontinued?
  63. Repairing/servicing an XT disc brake...
  64. Anyone with a side by side photo of fc-m8000-1 and fc-m8000-b1?
  65. Can I use E type Bottom Bracket w/o E type
  66. XTR 1x11 shift effort
  67. Shimano RS685 11 speed hyd. drop bar shifters
  68. XT8000 1x11 rear shifter - multirelease only works one way?
  69. Di2 newbie need help
  70. XTR Brake Piston Change?
  71. Shimano replacement pistons
  72. 2016 XT trail wheelset
  73. M9050 hanger link and bolt
  74. Win a new Santa Cruz or Juliana bike with SHIMANO group set and support more trails
  75. xt 770-10 22/32/42 - possible?
  76. Are 2x chainrings for FC-M8000 and FC-M9000 interchangeable?
  77. Xt m8000 shifter with ispec B brakes
  78. XTR Di2 FD-M9050 triple or FD-M9070 double Mount Picture
  79. Do I want the XT8000 bottom pull or side swing FD?
  80. XTR 9000 possible cassette issues
  81. XTR SL M970 Rear Shifter---Jammed? Or missing a part?
  82. Replace cassette or not?
  83. Help with shimano bottom bracket and crankset compatibility
  84. XT M8000 combined with XX1 crankset?
  85. F03c pads in a M8000 brake caliper, will it work?
  86. XT M785 Broken Handlebar Clamp on Brake Lever Assembly. Repair?
  87. XTR M9000 rear derailleur with XT M8000 11-42t cog any issues?
  88. FC-M980 conversion from triple to 1x
  89. XTR PD-M9020 versus XTR PD-M985
  90. Shimano XTr 8000
  91. Can a rear derailleur " Shimano Deore XT RD-M781-SGSL" work with "DEORE XT M8000 11 g
  92. Derailleur-Shifter Compatability
  93. shimano 1x chain retention
  94. XTR M9000 Cassette Creaking?
  95. Tektro Draco 2 Rotors with Shimano XT M785
  96. xt8000 weights?
  97. XT M8000 Cranks. Explain diff btwn 48.8 and 51.8 chainline
  98. Shimano Deore XT M8000 11-speed groupset
  99. Possible? Bl-988 brake lever with m9000 I - spec ii shifter
  100. xt m770 shifter indicator help!
  101. Broken freehub body M788
  102. shimano m987 brakes, rear always softer then front
  103. Running XTR 11 Speed with a 10 Speed Derailleur?
  104. SLX M660-10 bashguard?
  105. replace chainset
  106. Need replacemnt part for Shimano xtr RD970 .
  107. Shimano warranty advice
  108. Too much flex in XT E-type FD
  109. Shimano XTR DI2 Weights
  110. XTR 9020 rings 26/36?
  111. Can xtr di2 display works with Ultegra di2?
  112. Question about SL-M9000 XTR Shifters
  113. 22t chainring for 10 speed?
  114. looking for a Left I-Spec B bracket
  115. Di2 1x 11 set up.
  116. Shimano XTR M9000
  117. where do I buy shimano groupsets and wheels?
  118. SLX M675 with generic rotors?
  119. Email address
  120. XTR Rotor differences
  121. Looking for M980 Rear Shifter Bracket
  122. Xtr m981 chain vs dura-ace chain
  123. Successful front der mod for MTB front der w/ STI road levers
  124. run 10 speed shifter hoods with 11 speed 105? Will it work?
  125. Shimano Zee with avid G2 rotor: poor performance?
  126. Removing non-drive arm on a XTR m980 2x
  127. SLX brake lever blade replacement
  128. New Saint?
  129. Another I-Spec compatibility Question
  130. Stripped I-Spec threads on XT brake body
  131. PD-M9000 vs. PD-M780
  132. SRAM 10-42 cassette + Shimano xtr 11-speed derailleur
  133. Shimano SLX Lever Removal - HELP?
  134. XTR vs XT brakes (785 and 988) power question.
  135. XTR Shifters, XT Brakes?
  136. Another freakin I-spec thread!
  137. M9000 Crank Non-Drive Side image?
  138. Shimano flightdeck part
  139. Front XT Deore 15mm hub shifted?
  140. Road caliper?
  141. Replacement brake pad question, please
  142. Shimano 11spd road cassette and Mavic Crossmax SLR 29 compatibility question...
  143. XTR Di2 is out
  144. XT shifters and brake levelers
  145. M540 Pedal clicking
  146. XTR Trail RD m985 cage replacement
  147. upgrade help..simple answer i promise...
  148. Should I wait for the 2015 XT?
  149. Removing Shifter Indicators, Possible?
  150. XTR M970 Left Crank Arm wanted
  151. M785 XT Brake Squishy
  152. Can I use XX Cassette with XTR..
  153. Shimano 24-AE chairing compatibility with FC-M785
  154. XT disc brake BR-M785 2012 vs 2014
  155. Compatibilidad cambio delantero de 3x9 con 3x8
  156. Road/MTB compatibility
  157. XTR Di2 - Is this for real?
  158. XTR brake comparison
  159. XTR Clutch vs XX1 (chain drop question)
  160. Shimano XT BR-M775 Brake Caliper Issue
  161. XTR RD-M980 vs RD-M981? Which derailleur do I need?
  162. XTR M980 BB fit XTR M970 Crankset
  163. Shimano M985 race crank, is it possible to use 42x28?
  164. What chain can I use with Saint M820 - M825 10spd chainring?
  165. Definitive Solution For XT 770/775/785 Freehubs?
  166. Capreo freehub on MTB hub?
  167. pedal upgrade, whats the smart buy
  168. 2014 Deore vs 9 spd XT Questions
  169. Replacement Disk Brake Reservoir Covers?
  170. saint ispec 2 brakes with xt ispec b shifters?
  171. shimano m162 shoes
  172. Shifter decisions.....
  173. Paid SPAM: Xtr Trail wheelset
  174. XTR shifter placement. Clamp vs I-Spec..
  175. bash rings for new 96mm BCD pattern on M782 cranks??
  176. Are GS/Medium cage assemblies the same for Deore/SLX/XT/XTR?
  177. Shimano Click'r
  178. Where's the Beef: No Shimano 1 x 11 @ Eurobike?
  179. Xt brakes
  180. XTR Dual Control shifters
  181. 2014 Shimano
  182. Shimano moves to cut off online sales?
  183. what wrong with this xtr brake ?
  184. Shimano XT BR-M785 caliper-hose connector question
  185. Correct SPD cleat contact?
  186. smaller chain ring
  187. Bent Shadow Plus Derailleur
  188. Upgrading to 10 speed weight querries
  189. 9spd rear derailleur to 10spd?
  190. ig31 chain replacement?
  191. XT Brake pad replacement
  192. Serious problems bleeding XTR M985 brakes
  193. Zee group questions
  194. XT Trail-pedal PD-M785 with reflector attachment SM-PD22 ???
  195. Centerlock oversize lockring frustration
  196. replacing brake levers
  197. Repairing the Wife's Bike- Tourney TY-30 Crankset Question
  198. Shimano XTR 1x10 questions
  199. Shimano Hater...
  200. SLX, XTR, XT brakes input from fellow riders.
  201. Disc mounting hardware
  202. Shimano matchmaker equivalent?
  203. What's wrong with my SLX brakes?
  204. Shimano Service Can't be beat
  205. What is broken on my XTR Shadow+
  206. Will any 10 speed shimano chain work on my 3-10 slx
  207. Problem Solvers Mismatch adapters
  208. Turning an XTR M970 kit to a 2x9
  209. Where can I find tech doc for the M786 RD?
  210. Rear hub size Shimano XTR WH-985 Race Wheelset?
  211. Noob... Need the right chainset bolts!
  212. Are XT SL-T780 shifters Dyna-Sys ???? (note the "T")
  213. XT shifter cover
  214. Find me Shimano XT RD-M770 "Rapid Rise"
  215. Longer pedal spindle?
  216. Compatibility with Shimano and Avid brakes
  217. XTR Trail Wheel Bent
  218. Failing nondrive side cup bearings
  219. Does Shimano read this forum? If so, to you Shimano I ask...
  220. XT M786 Rear Derailer Shadow Plus compatibility
  221. Does a 36Tooth slx 9 front chainring work with 10 spead Chain Dr. and shifters??
  222. xtr 10sp shifter with saint 10sp shifter - works well?
  223. XT Double Crankset - Convert to Single?
  224. XTR Shadow+ 1x10 chainguide needed?
  225. Dynasys shifing issue - 2012 Trek RF Elite
  226. XT M778 Wheelset 2012 version, 142x12, freehub question
  227. XT level 12-36 9 Speed
  228. XT brakes with i-spec shifters
  229. 9 speed rings on XTR M980 crank?
  230. Shimano 1x11... Please
  231. New LX RD like old XT?
  232. No 29" XTR?
  233. Cold weather and Shimano
  234. Guide & Tension Pulley Question for m985
  235. shimano hg94 10spd chain
  236. 26 tooth chain ring for XTR 985
  237. Upgrade XTR Shadow+ rear der to latest version?
  238. Shimano XT FC-M785 Crankset 38X26 bash guard ?
  239. Removing xt crank
  240. Rotors for Saint M810 Brakes?
  241. How to clean / overhaul your derailleurs
  242. Where does Shimano XT fit into the hierarchy?
  243. saint m810 rear hub
  244. O/T Shimano Fishing reels, Any users or fans in here?
  245. XTR FC-M980 crankset
  246. C'mon Shimano!
  247. How will Shimano counter XX1?
  248. I-Spec mix and match?
  249. Shimano XT M770 Hollowtech II Crankset chainrings
  250. rebuilding Shimano XTR trail wheel