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    XC baggies..which ones?

    I am looking for some XC baggies. What I want is a more fitted short that isn't too long. I have Endura Humvees now...a little too "ballistic" if you get my drift.
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    Zoic Ether

    I've got two pairs of Zoic Ether shorts that I love. They're size Large, look to be about 11.5" inseam. I have a 36" inseam, and they come down to my knee cap. That sound too long for you? You should be able to find a pair to try on at your local Performance Bike or REI.

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    While you are at REI pick up several pair of their house brand Novara Exposure shorts. Super durable. I'm on season three with mine. Good liner and more form fitting than "baggy". I like them so much I have five pair.

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    Re: XC baggies..which ones?

    +1 for Zoic Ethers. I have 3 pairs. And they are great.

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    Me too. After trying a few different shorts that didn't fit right and tended to move around and bug me, the Zoic Ethers finally make me happy. I can just ride and not think about shorts.

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    I think most shorts out there are too long - they all seem to come down to the knees. I got a pair of Yeti shorts this year. They are fit nice, not baggy, zippered pockets and venting. I am pretty happy with them.

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    Check out the aero tech designs shorts. They even have a specific "short" version of their cargo short if that's your thang.

    Men's Cargo Mountain Bike Shorts w Padded Underliner

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    I've got a couple pair of Zoic Ethers, wear them quite a bit and both liners are starting to get tore up right where the pad meets the fabric. I've had them for a few years and many many miles so I'm not disappointed. I'll be picking up a couple more pair here soon.

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    Check out the Royal MW365.

    Also, it looks like Pearl Izumi have a few pairs that fit your bill.

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    another vote for the zoic ethers, first pair of mtb specific shorts i bought, after a few other short purchases including jett, endura, and fox, i decided to pick up another pair of the the ethers. good all around shorts, length wise, pockets and material wise. very happy with them.

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    XC baggies..which ones?

    While I hate the liner, my Fox Ranger 10" might be close to what you're looking for. They aren't too baggy or long, and they're fairly light and tough. Get a different liner, but the shorts are pretty good.

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    Endura Humvee got good reviews. It won a test in the latest Mountain Bike Rider. The lite version is very comfortable. Don't know how durable though. (just tried on in a shop)

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