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    Umm..the brain surgeon has spoken.

    Apparently useless to wear a helmet. I'm wearing mine tomorrow anyways.

    Cycle helmets are useless, says brain surgeon - Telegraph
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    He is talking about road cycling. When our town wanted to pass a helmet law, we found that the statistics don't support the mandatory use of helmets. What we did find that bicycle accidents went way down when there are more cyclists out and about. So I don't support helmet laws and I almost always wear my helmet.

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    Umm..the brain surgeon has spoken.

    I have to thank Giro for producing the Xen helmet. I crashed and hit a rock imbedded into the trail hard enough to crack the helmet in three places. I was able to ride out and home that day, with a real bad headache. I know getting hit by a car riding on the road would be worse but ill keep wearing my lid.

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    I crashed head first into a fallen tree 6 months ago. If I wasn't wearing my helmet, I would have been scalped. I had to replace that helmet. Road, mountain, whatever... I'm wearing my helmet.
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    That surgeon is a moron, helmet saved my scalp/brain more than once on my 3rd helmet it 2 yrs, always was able to ride the rest of the loop back to trailhead. No helmet = coming out on a stretcher.

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    Had one helmet save the top of my head from being scraped off on the road when I got cleaned up by a car a few years back, the top of the helmet was melted from the friction on the road. If I had no helmet on, I can imagine that the top of my head would have abraded down to my skull, a thought which still gives me the creeps to this day. It probably also saved me from a concussion as well, as not only was the outer melted, but the inner was cracked in 3 places. How does Mr Brain Surgeon expect me to believe that my helmet did nothing for my head?
    Nobody, brain surgeon or no, is going to ever convince that riding without a helmet is a good idea.
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    The surgeon bikes in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. He has fallen off his bike once in 30 years. (Hell, I've had a successful day if I only fall once.)

    This sounds like an eccentric crackpot talking about a specific problem - people wearing crappy, cheap helmets that don't really protect you - and then the media reporting it as applicable to all helmets.

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    People that don't wear the proper helmet

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    I think the surgeon is specifically talking about vehicular accidents involving a bike. I'm no brain surgeon and I don't know rocket math but it sounds legit to me. The article is nothing but a sensation piece. If you don't wear a helmet you're risking greater injury in an accident.
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    I'm not taking a chance after I had unrelated surgery a few years ago. I went with a helmet with deeper coverage in the back to have the best chance I could of not having an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireLikeIYA View Post
    I think the surgeon is specifically talking about vehicular accidents involving a bike. I'm no brain surgeon and I don't know rocket math but it sounds legit to me. The article is nothing but a sensation piece. If you don't wear a helmet you're risking greater injury in an accident.
    Henry Marsh, who works at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London, said that many of his patients who have been involved in bike accidents have been wearing helmets that were ‘too flimsy’ to be beneficial.
    I'd like to know which flimsy helmets Marsh is talking about.

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    I wonder if this guy was glad he had on a helmet?

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    I've crashed a few times while wearing a helmet, but never landed on my head. By this line of reasoning, wearing helmets prevents me from landing on my head. I guess that works too...

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    So do they teach stupidity at college ?

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    I have a son and a daughter who were both saved from serious injury or death by wearing helmets when they were young. I've never been in an accident, but I wear a seatbelt. I've never been in a serious avalanche, but when I ski back country, I bring a shovel, transceiver, etc.

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