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    Good job! Sock Guy

    So I ordered 3 pairs of socks from the sock guy website at the beginning of January. Like most of us I'm sure, as soon as I got the tracking number I was all over the ups website tracking like a madman. Sweet, they were delivered Thursday morning at 9am ( odd b/c ups doesn't usually deliver till after 4pm in my neighborhood). I get home from work and upon thorough inspection of my package! I go and re-track the package and it's shows delivered at 9 am. I call sock guy and speak with Angela. I let her know the situation and she is very apologetic about the mix up and informs me that a new shipment would go out on Friday so I could expect it on Wednesday. Monday I receive a new tracking number. Wednesday I track the shipment and it says delivered, left on front porch at 11am. I get home from work and again no socks!! WTF? Another call is placed to Angela, again she is very apologetic and assures me another package will be shipped out ASAP and I could expect it to arrive Tuesday (today) and this time it will be sent signature required! I thank her for everything and go about my business. More tracking numbers, blah blah blah, I track it today while at work and what a shocker it says delivered/left on front porch! I get home and holy **** there is a package from sock guy on my porch!!

    Long and boring story I know but in today's society nobody takes the time to post about a company doing a great job with customer service! Thank you Angela!

    Im still curious of where the first 2 packages went... Either my ups driver is a moron and delivered to the wrong house. Or the construction workers building houses in my neighborhood are theives and/or enjoy wearing bright pink socks that say "I'm with awesome" and have an arrow pointing up...

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    The packages were likely stolen. Happens all the time.

    Thieves like to follow UPS and FedEx around, watch them deliver stuff, then run up and steal the packages after the delivery van leaves. Especially around the holidays. Most of the time, UPS and FedEx just tosses the package on your porch and takes off w/o even ringing the bell.

    The bad: I ordered two things off geartrade recently, tracked them, and got home 10 minutes after UPS autotexted me to say they were delivered. Pouring rain out. Packages had been left on my stoop to soak. Someone took the packages in that 10 minutes, ripped them open, and threw the empty boxes in my side yard.

    The good: Emailed geartrade and got my money refunded the next day. No hassles. They filed for reimbursement from UPS. Love geartrade. Never had a problem with them.

    I avoid UPS and FedEx now and only use USPS b/c they deliver to my mailbox.

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    I work for a .com that ships 1000s of packages weekly and this happens in 3 different scenarios:

    -The UPS Driver felt the front door is exposed and hid the package like at a side door or somewhere in your yard... Go look!

    -The UPS Driver was especially sharp and delivered to the wrong address... Go ask your neighbors.

    -Theft off of your doorstep

    I have everything delivered to my work signature required to bypass these problems

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    I had mail stolen a few years ago so I put in a camera system… best thing ever. Then I had a USPS delivered package stolen (because it wouldn’t fit in the mailbox so they threw it onto the porch… Yeah, I have him on camera throwing the box about 17 feet to the porch) and then after that I have video of a woman taking it! The local TV news station came and did a story on it…and then the little local paper picked it up and did a story… and then someone reposted our footage on youtube thinking it would help us if they put “hot chick” in the title and the video went viral with over 100,000 views… but they never caught her. Now the police call me from time to time to ask me to look at my footage during certain days looking for cars or people that might be involved in crime nearby…

    But back to this topic… I just ordered some $1500 of camera equipment that was signature required to be delivered by UPS. So I arranged to work from home the day it was to arrive. I kept looking out the window while I was working all day long… and looking and looking… I finished work, had a glass of wine and sat in the front room looking out the window as I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new lens… and then at 8:45pm UPS updated the website to say that they came and I wasn’t home. WTF? I was sitting in the front room, the guy never even came but claimed he did. I have camera footage that shows he was never there! I called their 800 number and told them what I thought of the driver!

    The next day I couldn’t work from home so I asked my daughter to watch for me. The UPS guy comes and knocks at the door… He then asks my daughter why we called to complain about him! And then he tells my daughter that he doesn’t have the package… that he drove to my house to tell me he didn’t have the package and I shouldn’t have complained that he never showed up the day before….

    When I came home from work, yeah… I was even more pissed. I called the 800 number again and while I was waiting to get to a human… another UPS truck rolls up in the dark outside… The guy comes up and tells me that he finished his route and delivered everything and my box was in the back of his empty truck… it wasn’t on his list of places to go as it wasn’t supposed to be in his truck… but he thought he’d make a pass through my neighborhood about 9pm on his way back to the yard…What a nice guy

    What did I learn? There’s one UPS driver they need to fire and one they need to promote! The bad driver… maybe I should have checked the socks he was wearing!

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    Stories like this make me never want to order online again. I'm also becoming more suspicious of the phone case I ordered on Amazon over 4 weeks ago.
    We sell quality bike headlights and flashlights.

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    Now that I think of it, I've had a few signature required packages but only ever signed once.

    Something about the man in brown smells... brown.
    Ride your bike and be happy.

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