I have a fairly specific question on which I can't find guidance, and Sidi HQ (in Europe) hasn't been responsive, so here goes:

Anybody out there have the experience to assess the difference in size between a 44.5 Dominator (my known size) and a 44 Diablo GTX? OR, the real difference in the Diablo between sizes 45 and 44? I am trying to decide whether to return a new pair of size 45 Diablo...I have very narrow feet, so they are wide, with a fair amount of heel slippage. A lot of room in the toe box. The million dollar question: knowing the size 44 will be shorter, will they also be narrower? I.e. enough to justify returning them and living with less room in the toe box? And are they longer or shorter than the 44.5 Dominators?

(Going up and down sizes in the Mega width shoes would also be a good proxy, if someone has insight on whether/how much the corresponding width changes....)

Geeky, pedantic question I know. But I'm in remote Norway, dependent on mail order, and it is an extreme hassle to deal with returns through customs

Thanks in advance!