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    Paging Shimano MW-81 owners

    I have in my possession, both size 47 and 48. I can't decide which pair I should go with.

    The 48's have a thumbs width of room in front of my big toe, but I can't tighten them enough to feel secure.

    The 47's fit good around my feet, but the room in front of my big toe is maybe 3/4" when standing in them. I remember from buying a pair of Specialized Rimes that when I was on the bike, my feet felt fine standing in a certain size, but on the bike after my feet warmed up, they felt bunched in the toe box.

    Given that these seem to be a leathery material (the MW81's), do they stretch at all? My worry is I can't try them on the bike because I don't want to mark up the bottom with cleat imprints, in which case I don't think I could return the wrong size.
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    3/4" with a big sock?

    Sounds plenty to me...but that said, sometimes a shoe just doesn't fit your foot. If pressured to make a choice, I would go with the one that fits and still has some room to spare (the 47). It's your foot though.

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    Paging Shimano MW-81 owners

    Make sure to try them on with heavy wool socks. I went with the smaller pair and can only wear thin socks. Great boots!

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    Yeah, I agree it's a good idea to try them on with the thickest socks you might actually wear. Sounds like even the 47's would have plenty of room for you though.
    Keep in mind though that the boots are pretty warm. I was trudging around like Frankenstein in some Lake 302's, but the Shimano MW-81's are 99% as warm and a lot easier to deal with.

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