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    Osprey dealers in southern Ontario

    After reading countless reviews on hydration packs and reading the features and setup between different brands it looked like Osprey raptor series would be the best for my use. However I'm having a very hard time locating a dealer that sells the hydration packs in my area. I've tried phoning the Canadian distributor listed on the Osprey website without any luck. I've tried phoning Osprey directly also without success. It seems even the dealers that carry osprey hiking packs only carry camelbak hyrdation packs. Every bike shop I was in while shopping for my new bike carried camelbaks as well. Is there any dealers in the greater toronto area that sell the raptor line of hydration pack? This is requiring a lot of work just to purchase their product. If I didn't think it was worth it then I would just switch to the competition. I still need to see it in person before buying it so ordering online is out of the question. Any help is appreciated.


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    Get the Ontario dealer list from Osprey, and start calling them to check which if any carry the Raptors.

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    Osprey dealers in southern Ontario

    Where are you at in SW Ontario? Sail and Atmosphere are both dealers and they are scattered about SWO. Novack's in London is also a dealer.

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