So after being out of commission and injured for the last month I've began to consider possibly wearing more protection when I DH. One concern has been ankle protection. No broken ankles yet, but the thought of one or cracking it on a rock gives me chills. Also, hip protection is something I've been considering. I currently wear the POC VPD 2.0 shorts but they are heavy and hardly breathe. After searching around for some stuff I have found these items.

Curious if any has any experience with these? Does anyone ride with something like it?

Ankle Protection:
Non-MTB Specific protective options?-screen-shot-2013-06-17-8.38.49-pm.png
Shock Doctor V-Flex XT ankle support. Looks pretty low profile and offers hard plastic for extra protection. Seems better than the sixsixone ankle biters. Might be bulkier in person though than what I'm looking for.

Hip/Thigh protection:
Non-MTB Specific protective options?-screen-shot-2013-06-17-8.42.43-pm.jpg
Shock Doctor
Non-MTB Specific protective options?-screen-shot-2013-06-17-8.44.13-pm.jpgNon-MTB Specific protective options?-screen-shot-2013-06-17-8.44.23-pm.jpg

All items are non-mtb specific but seem like they would be good. What are your guys opinions?