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    Need new shoes and pedals. HELP

    This is my first post so please excuse any errors I make. I recently bought a Rockhopper 29er and have been loving riding the local trails in south east Michigan. I have been using my workout shoes, which are pretty stiff. But a few of my buddies swear by using clipins/clipless (i dont know the terminology). Well yesterday I was out riding and smashed my pedal on a rock and its just a stub now. I am thinking I should invest in clipin pedals and shoes. I want to get something decent but not break the bank. I have no idea of what sites to look on or what is good or bad. I am looking for any advice on what I should be looking for and where to find the best deal. The local bike shop wants around $150.00 for shoes and pedals. They did not give me the make or anything just a price.

    Any suggestions are very much appreciated

    Edit: Found these shoes and pedals on the "hot deals" page. Are they compatible and are they decent/worth the purchase.

    Wellgo M094B Mtn Clipless Pedals | Wellgo
    Sette Element Mountain Shoe | Sette

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    Hi, my name is Kevin, I live in North Carolina.. I have ridden for several years, and would say the shoes may be ok, but would pass on the Wellgo pedals..
    I like you bought the cheapest pedals and shoes I could buy back in '97..
    Once I rode a few times I found I should have done my "homework" a little better... I quickly saved up my money for a pair of Shimano pedals, which I rode for nearly 5yrs! The mechanism that Shimano uses just pain works..
    Sense you have a Specialized bike, try looking for their brand shoes.. I have a pair myself, and really like the feel.
    I am currently riding Crank Brothers Candy1 pedals, and really like them... simple, and they shed mud and debris better then any others IMO

    Just my 2cents worth...

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    Thank you for the advice it is very much appreciated. I did quite a bit more research and took some advice from the guys at the bike shop. I ended up with these pedals
    Shimano PD-M540 Pedals > Components > Pedals > Clipless Pedals | Jenson USA
    and these Specialezed shoes. (they were a closeout 2013 model for $60.00)
    Specialized Bicycle Components

    I am looking forward to texting eveything out this week. I plan on riding around a big grassy field for a while and taking my first few falls there.

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    You can never go wrong with shimano pedals or shoes. They will disappear under you in no time.

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