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    Merino-Polyester Blend T

    I was in Costco yesterday and picked up 2 T shirts made from 52% merino and 48% polyester for $15 each. I haven't tried them on the trail yet but they are quite thin and I love my long sleeve 100% merino shirts from costco. These are True North brand and sewn in Canada.
    I got some bad ideas in my head.

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    As a CostCo member and a frugal shopper for active wear with a fetish for quality merino (but realize it has limitations in summer) I thank you! Now I have reason to tag along with her and maybe not zone out by sample station #2. More salted almonds, please.

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    I have found the merino/poly blend shirts end up as funky smelling as the full poly blend ones, myself.
    For me, only the full merino are funkfreetastic

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