• 12-27-2012
    Made the switch to hockey shoulder pads... :)
    I'm going to try these out due to a recent crash that took quite awhile to heal. (Dry they only weigh 1.4 lbs) I'll update after a few rides to let you know how they are working. I'm going to remove the spine protector as I wear a Camelback but I plan on leaving the rest of it alone. Main goal was to try and protect the ribs, sternum and collarbones from impacts due to crashes. These will mainly be used for chairlift or shuttling days... I'm 210 + gear so hopefully these will help soften unforeseen sudden stops. I've never mastered the tuck and roll :)

    I looked at some of the MTB shoulder pads on the market but they seemed pretty weak to me that's why I went this route.

    CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Shoulder Pads 2012

    CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Shoulder Pads 2012 - YouTube

    If you guys have tried a similar product let me know what your thoughts / experiences were.

    Thx! Slocanucker
  • 12-27-2012
    Hockey gear rocks! I used the elbow pads for snowboarding after I broke/dislocated my elbow. GL!