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    Cool-blue Rhythm Just received my Uvex Quatro. Very pleased

    I am not picky about helmets, but I needed a new one. I crashed and split my Uvex XP CC. (German engineering fail, featuring a hole in a notch sensitive area) This was my favorite helmet I ever had.

    I replaced it with a Giro Hex, but now that the weather is warm, the sweat drips in my eyes. This does not happen with any other Skate, Motorcycle, Bicycle or Snowboard helmet I own.

    I have tried out a Scattante Scala, and had to return a Scott Stego. The Scott Stego whistled in my ears worse than a Fox Flux (there are threads about that) and the Scattante is actually really nice, and I might keep it.

    I just received a Uvex Quatro (no wing) direct from Germany, and am very excited to try it out tonight.

    Fits good, 300 grams on my scale, and I am sure I can eventually tweak all of the adjustments to fit like may last Uvex.

    Magura USA, importers of Uvex helmets have been really nice, but they don't expect the Quatro until June 1st.

    Ride report after tonight.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Just received my Uvex Quatro. Very pleased-uvex.jpg  

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    My First Review Ever

    A bit of preliminary fitting, and off we go. Got a late start.

    Just received my Uvex Quatro. Very pleased-sky1-14.jpg

    The instructions with the helmet, for adjusting are little bit vague. The knob on the back is just like others you are used to, but believe it or not this helmet is one size fits all, and then you use all of the adjustments to make it fit.

    The critical one is the height of the "ring" that goes around your head. I had forgotten this from my other Uvex, and after about 10 miles and headed back down hill (in a hurry), I noticed the front of the helmet seemed TOO low on my brow.

    At first, I though the helmet just had a low brow for extra protection,like a Bell, but after a while I decided to stop and adjust. I had the the side brow adjusters up too high, so I lowered them four clicks. This allowed the rear adjuster to sit below my occipital lobe, the helmet flopped back, and was a million times better. I wish I had done that earlier.

    On the way back down from my 16 mile up and back, the clouds were rolling in HARD.

    Just received my Uvex Quatro. Very pleased-sky2-14.jpg

    I had waited to flip up the new visor (mine and others main complaint on the Uvex CC is the very low nonadjustable visor) and it worked great.

    Ventilation: My Giro Hex is the best, and this is the equal in the center, and I think even better on the upper edges. Brow vents very good, a tick below Bell Super maybe.

    Jiggling: Very low jiggling, and is comfortable when tightened on rougher trails. Also easily untightened with one hand.

    Glasses goggles: Front straps are very close to head (unlike Bell Super, Fox Flux, and Scott Stego) so earpieces go over. Straps never bumped my face or whistled in my ears, despite max speed on this trip of 34 mph. I don't wear goggles, but it is obvious that the visor was designed for goggle users in mind (along with rear wing that I don't want). The mesh screen over the vents prevents doing the "Roadie glasses in the vents" deal, but also kept out the gross bugs that are congregating near the rapidly shrinking puddles.

    Just received my Uvex Quatro. Very pleased-sky3-14.jpg

    Got back to my car just before the rain. Not a drop of sweat on my glasses or brow. I am very pleased, and everyone who picks up this helmet comments on how light it is. Uvex says 260g, my janky scale says 0.30 kg.

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    Nice detailed review, I was thinking about picking one of these up after seeing it on the Mtbr home page. However, I had no idea when it was coming out so I got a IXS Trail RS instead. Haven't ridden with it yet, but it feels a lot better than my years old Hex.

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    They do come in two sizes s/m and m/l , I'm using uvex i-vo cc and I love the fit and adjustment.
    So I'm happy to hear your liking it ,I'm about to order the small quatro just can't decide on color..!!
    I do try..!!

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