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    IXS Dagger and Slope Series

    I am looking at purchasing a pair of IXS Daggers but heard and read that they have a defect with the inner stitching which cause them to rub the leg similar to a carpet burn after long rides. Please share your comments on this as I can almost not believe that but am not willing to take a chance.

    If I can't get the daggers I'll opt for the Slope Series but don't want only a soft pad only. Does anyone know whether the Slope Series come with a plastic knee cap protector on the inside?

    Thanks in advance
    When in doubt, Accelerate!

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    I have the Slope knees. Don't think they have a hard plastic cap, but there's definitely something more rigid in there than just soft foam. I've crashed in them a lot, and on a direct, hard hit on a pointy rock, I could feel it on my knee, but it didn't do any damage. Super comfortable, nice a low profile, and they stay in place really well, too.

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    Cheers AM, valuable info, our trails and rocks are like wet and water..
    When in doubt, Accelerate!

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