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    Great deal on Aerotherm aerogel insoles (Jaztronaut)

    Aerotherm is the company that make the 45NRTH Jaztronaut insoles (they private label their products for several companies).
    AerothermŽ products for private label | AeroTherm
    Brand products with AEROTHERM insulation | AeroTherm

    I did some searching around for Aeortherm products and found a killer deal at Their regular price is $20/pair, which is less than half the price of the Jaztronaut insoles. On top of that, you can get 20% off and free shipping. Here's how:

    Go to Aerotherm Insole

    During checkout, enter both of the following discount codes:
    NYSHIP - free shipping
    NY20 - 20% off

    The bottom line is $16.00/pair, shipped.

    I don't know whether these are exactly the same as the Jaztronauts or not (these appear to be Aerotherm's "molded" insoles), but I ordered a couple of pairs and will report back once I receive them and hit the trails. I figure that worst case, I can use them in other winter footwear, so I can't lose at that price.

    UPDATE 1-4-13:
    I received the insoles and I've also had a chance to see the Jaztronaut insoles. The Refrigiwear/Aerotherm insoles are much wider than the Jaztronauts and the Aerogel insert in them seems wider too. The wide heel cup may not fit well in some footwear, but I haven't had a problem with it.

    I have not had the chance to ride with them yet, but I did put a pair in some work boots and used them when clearing my driveway when it was 2 degrees F. Not only did my feet stay warm, but they were noticeably warmer on the bottom than the top, which is really unusual for me. My initial impression is that Aerogel does work as advertized, but we'll see how it performs on the bike before I'm sold on it.
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