• 01-14-2013
    Good gloves?- Pearl Izumi or something else?
    I live in a place that experiences frequent rain/and or snow in the winter and has temperatures down to about 25 Fahrenheit. I was looking at the PRO Barrier WXB glove specifically. Does this look like a decent glove? If so, is it overkill for the temperatures I'm riding in? If it's not a good glove, what would you recommend?
    Thanks :)
  • 01-14-2013
    After a really mild winter the year before I picked up a pair of their lobster softshell gloves really cheap. Didn't really seek out the lobster gloves but they were the right price.

    Anything above 40 and they make my hands sweat. They do repel water nicely (they are similar in external materials), I've been really happy with mine and got some different Castelli gloves for above 40F. There are lots of good stuff out there nowadays, even the internet store brands are making good product so it's hard to choose.

  • 01-14-2013