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    Cheap and effective protection

    English is not my first language so forgive my grammar please. Everyone that bikes on a budget but values their body looks for inexpensive yet effective protective gear. There are many posts out there asking about the best shorts, the best helmets and the best pads. There are many great options to be found on these posts and it almost always comes down to preference. Just like those posts I mentioned-- this thread is mostly my opinion. Anyone reading this thread has probably fallen more than once. We are all looking for comfortable, cool, and light gear. Many arguments are had over design, materials and protection level. For my personal riding style I believe I have found the most effective although slightly unusual solution. Bread... Before you discard this solution please hear me out. I know many in the mtb community are striving to find a greener solution to protect the resources we all use. Almost nothing is more harmful to the environment than foam, and nothing is greener than bread. Many foam pads can take up to hundreds of years to begin degradation and millions of years to decompose-- bread only takes a few days tops. Now lets talk protection. The average foam pad can absorb 37 joules of force easily. Bread can take the same impact without killing turtles. Unlike padded shorts-- bread can be custom fit to ones body geometry for superior comfort. Weight is one of the biggest issues for XC riders. Bread allows you to select the amount if weight in pads you desire due to the risk you feel you are presented with on that particular course. Also unlike pads the bread is replaceable on the fly, a quick flick of the wrist and soggy bread is out while a fresh piece of lightly baked rye is back in and ready to go. In conclusion bread is a far superior padding than anything sold on the market and certainly the most ethical. Also, discarding of old bread pads can be done with a clear conscience as forest critters feast on your water filled calorie packed meal with an increased salt content as a bonus. Best regards, Roderick from France

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    Hmmmmm......interesting first post... I want to call BullSh!T / TROLL here but will give the benefit of the doubt.

    Don't know about other parts of the globe, but here in Texas, we have what is commonly known as an overpopulation of Feral Hogs. There wont be many riders willing to experiment with covering their bodies with FOOD for protection to be discarded on the trails for the "forest critters". <shrugging>

    I sure as hell don't want a small heard of wild pigs chasing me down my favorite trail because they think I'm FOOD.

    <chuckling> however, this would make for some great GoPro footage... (c:

    gnewcomer aka OldMtnGoat

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnewcomer View Post
    ... I sure as hell don't want a small heard of wild pigs chasing me down my favorite trail because they think I'm FOOD.
    It could be a good way to improve your speed on the trails.

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    Are you chitin me?
    We're all on the same ship, and it's sinking.

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    I need some pictures of this to believe it.
    15mm is a second-best solution to a problem that was already solved.

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    Re: Cheap and effective protection

    funny stuff...

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    LOL! Let me guess; you own a French bakery? Even if you are serious, it would quite a bit of money in the long run to buy and/or replace bread each ride. As for providing a level of protection (read energy absorption), I don't think bread will provide the compressing/damping levels that can be achieved with synthetic materials. However, I did chuckle over the visual image conjured up in my mind of a rider with french bread loafs tied to his body and a bread bowl as a helmet that your post provided. Of course, maybe it was named "Wonder Bread" for a reason.

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