I'm trying to get into freeride, but need the protection. From what I've seen, you need:

Helmet: I have a nice Giro, but it's not a full face, so I'm looking into grabbing one of these (http://www.performancebike.com/shop/...-_-null-_-null) at my local Performance.

Shoulder Pads: I don't have actual bike ones, but I do have a pair (http://www.lacrossemonkey.com/shockdoc-lspformula.html) I wear for lacrosse. They don't have the spine protection, but I think that they would do all the other duties fine.

Elbow/Arm Guards: I have a pair from lacrosse if these are really necessary.

Knee/Shin Guards: Where might I find these? Looking around, I found these (http://www.sixsixone.com/Catalog_661...5-3658ea8d3376) by 661, but I've also head some bad stuff about 661 as well.

So. Suggestions? Advice? Thanks.