I'm trying to find a good set of glasses and goggles to work with my Bell Super helmet, size medium. I've seen a few comments about different eyewear that work or don't work, but no context on the size of the helmet, which makes a difference.

On the glasses front, I've gone into stores and tried the Smith Pivlock and Oakley Radar, both of which kinda fit, but are a bit snug. I'm looking for something like the radar that has a clear, high coverage option with a secure, wrap-around frame fit that is snug on the side of the face, so as to fit with the helmet.

On the goggles front, I've got some Spy Magnetos. They work, but I'm looking for a goggle where the strap attachment to the goggle sticks farther out, so that the goggles fit snug against my face. Looking at the 100% racecraft right now.

Anyone have other suggestions?