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    Atlas Crank Neck Brace vs. Leatt


    Anyone that tried them both that can give insight? I am looking to purchase one very soon. Thanks.

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    I just bought an Atlas because I couldn't get a Leatt to fit. The Alpinestars brace was close, and could probably have worked, but the Atlas is still better for me.

    My issue is that I wear a big helmet, XXL. My prior helmet was a 661 DOT helmet, and was way too low in the back to work with a Leatt or A-stars. After buying a TLD D3, the A-stars was much better, but still a little too high in the back. The Atlas is perfect. I still know it's there, it still stops rearward motion, but I can actually see down the trail.

    It was all about fit for me, and the Atlas brace was the only one that really fit me right, it's the lowest profile, followed by the A-stars, then the Leatt being the highest. I'd say try them on before you decide.

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