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    Anyone else ripped a a cleat off a shoe before?????

    Dang, had a sweet high-speed crash today riding some old school HNF trail in southern IN.
    Hit a root, front tire did the back & forth about 4 times, then launched me OTB....flew upsidedown & backpack took the hit of me slamming backwards into a log.
    Luckily only scrapes & bruises!

    I get up & try to ride....find my cleat & bottom part of my Sidi shoe are still attached to my Time atac xs pedal! Shoes about a year old. Pedals set to easiest release, but again, very high speed crash. Still can't believe it tore the cleat off!!

    Anyone had this happen?
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    I popped the screws out once leaving the cleat in the pedal. Real PITA to get out too. No damage, just the screws came out. I reattached with some loctite.

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