I want to order one of these jerseys's, and I'd like to have an idea for how the sizes fit. I don't like the skin tight look and also, I have a bit of a belly at the moment, so, although I'm working it off, I need a lose size). I wondered if anybody here has tried one of the jersey's in L, XL or XXL. I and guessing a L or XL would fit me ok, but sizing on jersey's is all over the place. They only seem to sell them on the net.

If you have one of these jerseys, what size jersey do you have, and what size are you, weight and height, and build, and do you have pictures?

I am 5 foot 9 and a half inches and weigh about 186 LBS right now. I have seen some of the jersey's on the Rush website, but I have no idea what size is on the person in the picture and the person's height or weight.

You can see the jersey here on the roadbike forum:

2112 & Fly By Night - Cycling Jerseys from RUSH