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    Zee vs guide vs hope v4

    I want to buy a set of new brakes for enduro and light dh use.
    Zee's seem to be amazing from a lot of reviews i read.
    I found, for just 90$ more, a pair of the new 2017 guide rsc with the S4 caliper.
    Hope v4 get raving reviews, but cost 60$ more than the guides.

    What would you buy?
    I am really tempted for the guides, but i am a bit concerned of the issues that read in multiple forums. (sticky lever and consistency)


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    Zee , my neighbor had Hope and I went Zee. I still have my brakes, he ditched his.

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    The safe money is on Zee's. If you don't like the way Shimano brakes feel, maybe Guides. As far as the Hopes go, I have to ask you a question - have you ever ridden hope brakes? They seem to have a dedicated following on both sides of the coin - you either love them or hate them. For the price, they have to be really good, but some people have had them and don't like them. So, if you haven't ridden hope brakes, it's best to keep your money in your pocket.

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    Without getting into details, Hope here!
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    Hope on all my bikes
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    I'd go with Hope. I upgraded from Guide R to Zee with ice tech rotors. 203mm front 180mm rear. I have been nothing but disappointed by the Zee setup. The rear brake works as I expect it to but I've had nothing but problems with the front. I wish I would have bought Hope instead. The metallic pads that came with my Zee front brakes acted really strange. They had to be good and hot before they started working like they should. As soon as they cooled down it was back to feeling like a crappy rim brake. Get em good and hot again and they would work good till they cooled down.
    I switched to a set of the resin pads, bled the brakes, scuffed up the rotors, and bedded them in very carefully. They worked great for a couple months. Then one time I got stuck in a rain storm with my bike hanging off the rack on my truck. After getting wet and covered with road grime I cleaned the rotors with alcohol because they were covered with a film of road scum. Now they are back to the same old routine. Don't work until they are good and hot, and as a bonus they screech like a frigging banshee when they are cold now too.

    Buy the Hope setup. You'll be happier.
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