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    Will I be happy...?

    So if you could help me out.. I have a brand new 302 Domain U-turn and awaiting my frame (GT SANCTION) however I think that the fork will not be what I am anticipating, and being that I'm spending so much already I thought I should upgrade the fork (Yes before I even use it) to the Fox Float, my reasons are as follows;

    1. Almost 2 lbs lighter
    2. Incredible (acclaimed) stiffness
    3. My 302 has a "stiction" problem.
    4. In contrast to above, Fox's are really smooth.
    5. I can sell my 302 as new (compared to used if I tried it out and didn't like it.)
    6. I can get a good deal (possible EP) on a Fox float 36 R
    7. My fiance is seemingly ok with it.
    8. I have OCD and if anything doesn't "feel right" the first couple of rides I will blame it solely on the fork... even if it's blatently not the case.
    9. I like the fox.. the animal.
    10. like crackien said, the Fox [U]has[U] bottom out control
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    for the Sanction you will want the float 36 not the 32 version. i have the float 36 on my knolly and love the thing. very smooth and linear but still has great bottom out control (new for the 2009 model)

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    i wouldn't care about the weight part, but seeming you have a lot of other reasons, go for it...
    post up some pics once its done...

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    You would need a fork of at least 140mm of travel. I would look into Manitou Nixon's as well.

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    If it's the 36 go for it, the 32 will be overhwhelmed by the frame

    But it seems you've made your choice

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